Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mexico Calls

Once again, while I should be making lists, studying maps and cleaning house, I am instead here with you. Yay us! We've learned how to enjoy life. Maybe I'll just crib off of somebody else's guidebook and be surprised by all Xalapa and Veracruz Mexico have to offer on Day of the Dead. John is finally being good and resting his knee in anticipation of long rambles up and down the narrow streets and all the discoveries we will make in a brand new place (for us) in one of our favorite destination countries.

I read an article yesterday about the mental health that results from writing in a journal, especially after a traumatic life event. I've always believed this to be true, even without validation from the professionals. Write it down. It helps you find your own center again.

And the images you add resonate in another part of the brain that is closer to the heart than the left brain, I believe. Closer to the emotional center. Those images imprint themselves. Which is why my journals are full of quirky and upbeat things. Not always, but generally.

While I was in Cedarburg a group of us made rubbings as we sauntered down the streets of the town. I loved it. I'm planning on making some rubbings in Mexico too. Yum yum. It's a fun and free activity to do with kids and it will make you feel like a kid again too.

Ack! Look at my studio. Everything is upended, behind, neglected, in a heap. That's what winter's for. To find the order in my life again.

Harvest is all around us. Here are more beans that John grew. I'm not sure about the oddballs in there. Those must be the artist-beans.

Here are the peppers hanging in the garage to dry. Look closer and you'll laugh.

John found a use for the plastic coils I use to bind books. He pushed a bunch of the fat ones onto a long wooden rod and hung peppers from them. The man is a hoot.

Yellow Fin potatoes which I dug myself to help save John's knee. It was like digging for gold doubloons.

And here is a photograph I snaked off the Junebug Weddings site; it's from a write-up my wonderful friend Justine Nickle did about her wedding and that features my big Eiffel Tower backdrop painting among other things. If you love love love beautiful weddings you will want to go here and read all about it.

I'll post one more time before I leave and then there will be a lull. Wish me luck getting prepared in time! xo


Pilar said...

Have a wonderful trip to Mexico! I can't wait to see the treasures you bring us back with your photos, arts and stories. Via con dios, mi amiga!

fromthepines said...

wonderful journal pages again!

Let's make sure we are all artist beans - see how much they stand out?

Have fun Miss Judy.


Candace said...

Come back soon! Continued health to John.


femminismo said...

Mexico! Ai yi yi! Es bueno! Journal pages + you = greatness. I see; I learn. And the peppers! I looked and looked and all I saw was one pepper does NOT have erectile dysfunction! Does this tell you anything about the way my mind works? Hope not - jeanne

Chris said...

Judy, Judy, Judy.

Is that Cary Grant? No! It's me, finally having the luxury of reading your latest post, and LOOK at those journal pages!! Does anyone do them as well, as lusciously, as richly? NO.

I am in AWE of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy: it is sooo good to see you back journaling and taking beautiful pictures of your & hubby's wonderful garden. those peppers are to die for and he "is" a genius : )
I'm sure you will have a fantastical time in Mex. and hope you get lots of relax/down time along with a few margaritas too - you certainly deserve it. Can't wait to see your adventure : )
I definately relate to journaling for the soul, it reeeally helps the healing process when it hurts soooo much.
Thanks again for your sharing, as always it inspires me soo much : )
Love & Blessings, Sandra in AZ

magicaldamselfly said...

I totally loved looking at your journal pages as I've just started journaling on a daily basis and have felt the need to make my journal more color*filled and lively. I want it to read out loud and so as a beginner my question is: rubbing, scratching my head, what is this exactly?
I love the artistic beans!!!!!!

Have a wonder*filled trip,

mary ann said...

oh dear beautiful woman i wish you and john heaps of adventure and warm love as you slip across the border into the land of enchantment. carry my heart along will you? i thrill in anticipation of what you will find there and along the way. warm mexican hugs.

seth said...

Have an amazing trip. Safe travels! Looking forward to your posts about your adventure.

Heather, said...

My husband is a planter, not a harvester. Can I send him over for some remedial gardening classes? I would love to have the harvest hanging out in my garage! xo

Kim Rae Nugent said...

I had just come back to leave a comment on this post and seen you had already posted another one. Judy - I wish that I had your energy :)

For everyone else visiting - I was able to see her journal in person. It is beautiful like I had imagined but much smaller. Judy has tiny, tiny writing.

I love that you share!

Lucy said...

hope your time in mexico is enjoyable and inspiring. While not an avid journaller myself, I've found art in general has very much helped me find my center--and keep me there more days than not.

Ro Bruhn said...

WOW Judy, so many images and such great pages, I could get lost in your journals as I'm sure you do. There's a familiar face in there too I see.

Vittoria Bella said...

what wonderful and inspiring pages -- each time you post pages, I remember how good I feel when I journal on a regular basis - thank you for reminding me, and encouraging me. have a wonderful time in Mexico - safe and happy travels.

Anonymous said...