Monday, October 20, 2008

RAEvN's Nest - Cedarburg, Wisconsin

First of all, thank you for your many kind thoughts on the passing of our small but mighty spirit, Hermanito. It does help soothe the heart. I returned from Wisconsin last night and with bags still packed have spent the day preparing photos and pondering all the memories. If I had time I could write a book about all the wonderful new women I met there. Instead I keep saying their names, hoping this time my feeble memory will hold onto them until we meet again.

This was my first ever visit to Wisconsin and I found it to be beautiful; lovely fall colors, heaps of leaves to kick through and the nicest people you could ever imagine. I didn't expect to love it so much. Now I see what my friend meant when she said a part of her heart would always remain there.

Kim Rae Nugent put us all up in historic buildings in downtown Cedarburg. I felt like a guest at a lovely resort. I shared my room with Jill Berry the first night and Laurie Mika the next three nights - wonderful roommates; the only thing missing was sleep as we stayed up into the wee hours every night enjoying each other's company.

Bernie Berlin and Michael de Meng rounded out the teaching squad. We posed for photos on the first night of the event while a party swirled around us.

And now I'm going to show you some of the encaustic collages that came out of my first day class. I won't say much about them as I just want to share the work.

I was going to post them in groups of 4 like the one above but it took too long to assemble them. So click this one to see it better.

I have to stop and say that Marie (above) was my heaven-sent angel throughout the event as she seemed to anticipate my every need in the classroom. In addition, we had a great time shopping and walking together. She's my girlfriend (hee hee).

This is Chris Meissner who came for my business class and showed me a great plaster piece she had done as well as a beautiful resin necklace with a snake skin inside (wink wink). Thank you, Chris. You have a room in my heart.

The next group of photos is from the journaling class. I'm only posting a few; I've worn myself out already so please forgive.

So just a few for flavor, okay?

I love to ask the students to paint faces.

The results are always charming and often surprising.

The women filled many pages in their journals; every page was complex, layered, as interesting as the artists who created them.

Thank you all for playing.

Your pages were spectacular.

I got as many ideas from you as you got from me.

And oh my goodness you were beautiful. I wanted to scoop up each one of you and take you home with me to play in my studio together and be my friend forever. (the incredible Bridgette Guerzon Mills with me above. Oh, what a love she is. I've waited for 2 years to meet her and she is even more beautiful in person than she is on her blog.) My heart is full.

At the end of the last teaching day I sat with a snack and a glass of wine while I packed up my supplies for home. My life is not easy or perfect (please! pictures on blogs can be deceiving) but my prayer of becoming a teacher has been answered and I'm so grateful for this past year. I'll write more when I've had some rest, opened my mail and unpacked my bags. Be well.


femminismo said...

This has never happened before, that I've been first! There must be a mistake, but oh well ... here goes. The class - the whole event - must have been a wonderful chance to mingle your magic with theirs. The art is breathtaking and I can feel the spirit of all these women (and men) as you talk about the fun you had together. The gorgeous faces they painted are marvelous. You bring out the good juices in everyone, Judy. I hope to go to Raevn's Nest one day too. - Jeanne

Sherry said...

As much as it is wonderful to see the fabulous art that is created through is the smiles on the faces and the joy that flies through the camera's lens that speaks volumes.

the camp said...

what a happy post.
you are a blessing to each
of us who get to attend
your classes.

Laura said...

Everyone's smiles are amazing, such positive, magical & invigorating energy! I would love to take one of your classes Judy, maybe next year :> Get a good rest and share more ok?

Bernie Berlin said...

I LOVE YOU Judy!!!
Thanks so much for a fabulous class and for giving me a place to process my emotions...
Hope we can get together again soon!!!
It would have been even more perfect had Katie been there:)

Shawn Borror said...

Another lovely lovely post that tears me up, I think because of the warmth of emotion I can feel in the pictures and the words. Someday somewhere over a rainbow, my wish would be to attend one of your classes....

Tequitia said...

always inspiring!

Lynn said...

It always looks like such a wonderful time had by all, and yes, absolutely lovely outcome of art.

Sorry for your loss.

Candace said...

Judy, thank you so so much for sharing this most marvelous event and experience. I feel that I was transported by way of this post and its myriad photos.

The work is just a phabulous phantasm. The faces, the colours, the hands and those BUTTONS! Cannot wait to hear more about this -- and the morning glories there! Beautiful!

Thanks again, and welcome home!

mary ann said...

i'm so glad you're dream came true. what a gorgeous life - traveling to sweet places, meeting good people, then home again home again jiggity jig to your nest in the country with john.
i love seeing all the work of your dear and clever students!

Chris said...

Thanks so much, Judy for those great photos. What a fun time. And I love that photo of you with everyone.

dogfaeriex5 said...

judy wise, i think that you rock and cannot wait until i can take a class with you! i met you at squam and am a friend of sharon(swimmer girl painting) who was in your do beautiful work and our so inspiring!

TandJ said...

When are you coming to LA to teach?
Altho you might not fall in love with it like you did Wis.

Ro Bruhn said...

More proof of what a great teacher you must be Judy. It certainly looks as if a great time was had by all.

Stephanie Lee said...

How can already talented people not become even more so under you guidance?!?! You DO bring out the creative juices!
LOVE that Michael is smiling a REAL smile in this picture as opposed to his usual GQ pose....not that it doesn't suit him, mind you. :)
Oh...and that Chris gal...she's a gem! I had the fortunate opportunity to have her with me at Valley Ridge and LOVE her energy!
Well, and there just aren't enough wonderful that can be said of Bridgette. I had her as a student in Snohomish and felt very much like I should be at HER guidance...her work is stunning and real and amazing and and and....just LOVE her too!!
Rest up dear one. Savor the autumn. :)

Kim Rae Nugent said...

I love seeing Cedarburg through the eyes of your camera lens. A place dear to my heart. Where my Mother now lives and where I met the love of my life. You are a beautiful teacher and I am fortunate to have you teach at my first venue. The creative energy was wonderful.

June Pfaff Daley said...

Thank you so much for the fabulous encaustic class at RN. You inspire. I hope to have the privilege to take more classes with you in the future!

rivergardenstudio said...

I have heard so much about your classes, on Bridgett's blog and two weeks ago at a Art Conference for Oregon teachers... Nick Bantock was our key-note speaker. I would love to take a class from you someday. Your work and teaching look amazing to me! Roxanne

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