Saturday, June 14, 2008

More Palaver

My life resembles nothing so much as a car chase movie; skidding and careening around corners, rushing to get out of the way, looking behind to see the pursuer closing in. I need a rest. I need a time out. Tomorrow the family is going on a hike and I am looking forward to it with great happiness. I just want to plod along quietly, listening to the sounds and looking at the green world with no computer, no studio (I can't believe I'm saying this), no telephone or mail. Ahhhhhhh.

My dear compadre Kelly sent me some rose cuttings that I potted up into these mini terrariums. I've always had fair luck with roses so my fingers are crossed that these will thrive. I loved deadheading roses in the garden today. That was a calm moment. I love to get outside and to bury my nose in a beautiful blossom.

Tucked down in the nest of white foam was a little mystery package for me; how lovely!! Look what Kelly sent with the cuttings.

Her fingers must be tiny and clever to have carefully wrapped the thin gauged wire around the beads and then the loops. They are beautiful, Kelly and I will be wearing them on the hike tomorrow as I mumble my mantra, "serenity now".

Yes, I've been waxing again. Had nothing but fun drawing these funny faces in the wax and then scraping them down again. Like a kid in mud.

This is one of the things I learned at the conference; how to make collage paper in several ways that are random. Random patterns are so beautiful because we recognize them as out of nature. Just splatter splatter drip drip.

I love spells, charisma, charms and potions. The whole idea of being under the sway of suggestion or trance. People are so weird, don't you think?

My benefactor Emma has struck again, this time by sending me a giant teak bunta that is used for printing dye on fabric in India. I can think of about a million uses for this - wow, thanks Emma!

Here is another view of the same bunta. There are several parts to it. Can you say rubbings, plaster castings, wax stamping and so on? Way fun.

This is my big sister Sandi at about age 9 I think. She phoned this morning and we had a precious visit. Peggy from Lancaster, if you are reading this, I tried to e-mail you 3 times with my address but your mail program thinks I'm a spammer. Peggy asked what kind of photos I was interested in and the one above is a good example; children or women from the 50's or 60's or earlier; I love to use them in my work.

Ciao my pretties, and happy Dada Day.


Jessica Moreau Berry said...

You learn something new everyday! I never knew what a teak bunta was! They are lovely & SO useful!

SOOOOOOOOO.....I have an arbor with climbing roses, and it's always done quite well, and this year it just looks spent. I have fed it and thrown in bannana peels...but the leaves towards the middle and lower are browning. (hardly any blooms) Makes me sad!
I loved the little terrariums!!!

Sweet Petunia said...

I love these faces, and I am going to order the new encaustic book by looks like such fun.

I hope you enjoy your hike.

Heather, said...

The bunta is beautiful...what a treasure. I love the last piece on the post with the image of your sister...makes me feel happy!
Happy trails!

Anonymous said...

Your rose terrariums look like beautiful ball gowns. See how the one on the left has a black, sweetheart top? The one on the right looks like a wedding dress. I thought that was what they were just skimming the post - sculptural artistic little dresses!

Ro Bruhn said...

I hope you enjoy your day in the fresh air, it really does rejuvenate the senses.
Love the art and the wooden printing block is fabulous, I would be pressing that into one of the blue blocks and getting another version of it too.

Kelly Snelling said...

you're the cutest! i hope they grow! now enjoy your hike and think of fun things to create with that cool indian stamp-doo-hicky. lovely things you are always making and i am so happy to see them!

Candace said...

This is a great post, Judy, thanks for sharing! Those earrings, wow. What a nice surprise.

Hey, I like those movies where the cars are all over the place. Loud, boisterous fun, tense, scary and the hero(ine) always wins the day! Whew, You get your money's worth on this ride, don't you?

Big Hug,