Thursday, June 12, 2008

Conference Presenters & New Work

What a week and it's only Thursday! I'll show lots of photos and keep the words brief. If you love encaustic I'll link to the presenters at the Conference so you can see the kinds of work represented there. Interspersed will be some new things that I did since returning home. I have an art fair next weekend which is why I've been out of circulation. I'm behind.

Lovely Linda Womack signing her new book for a purchaser. She sold every single book she brought and everyone was buzzing about what a great book it is. You can get one after the 15th on her website. It has techniques, instructions and lots of examples for you to study.

This is Julie Shaw Lutts showing us how she puts her assemblages together. She has a great website for you to visit; all you collage artists will swoon.

The R & F Paint display. Can you say yum yum and bye bye to your buyer's restraint? I went for the paint sticks which are softer and creamier than other kinds in addition to 3 new colors that looked like ice cream. My weakness!

This is Nash Hyon. I couldn't find a website for you but she demonstrated techniques to use on fabric that is incorporated into the wax. She showed us that you can write on it, print on it and alter it in a variety of ways. So many ideas!

Another piece with John's Grandparents in the photograph at the bottom. I love old photographs. If you have family pictures I can use in my work I would love to have them in an email. (Most of mine were lost in a fire last Thanksgiving.)

This is the collage artist Nathan Margalit from South Africa and England. I resonated strongly with his approach (playful and eccentric). He has me using my tacking iron now which I never did previously. Wonderful suggestions from him for making marks on paper to collage.

This is Russell Thurston a completely wild and innovative artist who will put a heat gun to almost anything. He worked with alkyd, powdered pigments (flying through the air!), oil paint, wax paper stencils and pure bravado to create some of the most amazing effects on wax I've ever seen. Very inspiring.

Get a load of my desk. Impossible. No time to clean - I just shove it aside and make enough room for a little piece of work. I owe everyone. I'll get caught up. Just not quite yet.

I'm having too much fun with wax to stop and do what I should be doing.

And making background paper with my carved rubber stamps. I like to get them sloppy wet with acrylic. The sploogie results are better than the crisp ones. Let it drip and run.

Last one. All the photos are from my family collection and that's me in more than one. See you soon!


Ro Bruhn said...

The colours in the last one are divine as are your paper stamped backgrounds. I really must get into the waxing, it looks such fun. I'm off to check out the links you've given us now.

Kim H. said...

OMG you have been super duper busy! I love each and everyone of your pieces! They are so inspiring! I can't wait to get Linda's book in my hot little hands!

Sharon said...

Yes 'sploogie'. That's a new term for me but I sure do like the results.

Heather, said...

Will have to come back and savor this much need to get in the shower and get my day going! Thanks, in advance, for my bedtime reading!

Judy said...

Even I love the colours in the last one too - love the splogged effect too.

mary ann said...

mmmm love the links to mr. wild & eccentric and mr. playful & innovative. stunning work. you are PROLIFIC yourself and run with a mighty team of oxen. plowing you're way through those fields of wax and each time coming up with FABULOUS works. i learn so much by watching you explore piece after piece. these new techniques you're adopting have me mesmerized. dig the big baby head transfer (or whatever it is) on the first piece.

eb said...

there is so much deLIGHT here I don't know where to BEgin - so I will say that I am in love with every bit and I will hug you at Squam...

yeah - see you in Sept...

xox - eb.

Chris said...

I will send over this really cool photo of my mom's side of the family. We don't have many photos, and of course they aren't digitized, but I can scan it.

I love your comment on Nina Bagley's blog, when she asked us what hope means to us. right on!

Candace said...

Just wonderful stuff here. I love the face of the woman in the last piece you posted, Judy... what in your face innocence past is this? Thanks for sharing as always. your generosity runs deep...


Supria said...

Hi Judy:

I am sorry that I didn't get to meet you personally at the National Encaustic Conference...I was there too and it was so incredibly delicious all the energy, positive camaraderie, the amazing creativity…I am so glad I have found your blog site, your piece in Linda Womack’s book is a delight…I love how you layer your work and how beautifully designed each and every piece you create comes alive...they feel like magic... and colour choices you make...ohhh I could go on about your incredible work....I have been feeling a little stuck these days in the studio with the overwhelming chatter in my heart, soul and head having seen such talent and ideas.

Hopefully I will get to meet you next year..your photos of the conference are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.