Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Scotland Part 2

I couldn't leave you with so few photos.

I remember how I searched the blogs of others before my trip to whet my appetite for Gillian's class and familiarize myself with this particular place. If you are planning to join her in the future, this is for you.

If you're there in April the hillsides will be blooming with gorse, a beautiful fragrance.

You'll be able to walk to the next little village of Crovie with its charming homes and friendly people.

This was the view out of our bedroom on the 2nd floor of Stroma house.

And this photo was taken in the little cafe where you can get 3 kinds of panini sandwiches and more.

I followed Alexis down to ground level for this shot of the blue floor in Stroma house.

Gillian will show you how to mix a perfect color palette.

And you'll be able to swoon over her drawings, like the one above.

You'll run your camera out of memory on the scenery.

Visit the little museum where you can meet the people who used to live here.

Hard and dangerous lives.

Lives that made you appreciative of others and taught you to care.

This is Stroma house where Kathie and I slept on the upper floor with the skylights.

The wide sea. So calm and friendly in this shot. 

But it wasn't always so calm nor so friendly in the history of the village.

Cocktail night in the pub. 

And on this night Kathie and her helpers prepared chili and salad for our meal Of course there was wine on the table along with Scotch and chocolate for dessert.

Back to the studio that was our 2nd home for the week.

We sketched each other. This is my sketch of Jeanne Griffen Oliver

Life and death. The vast mysteries.

One final good-bye beloved Scotland. You will always be in my heart.


Kathie Vezzani said...

Perfect post, Ms. Judy. Forever in my heart.

pollywog said...

Lusciously Lovely!

The turquois floor is the exact color of my outside deck:))) ... love it. And ... your sweet portrait of our adorable Jeanne, has a bit of a Katie-Vibe. LOVE!

wanda miller said...

ENJOYED this post to the HILT, Judy. THANK YOU for sharing so much! ox

Jenny said...

Now you are ready for the West cross, Plockton, Skye, the Five Sisters of Kintail, ......

Amanda said...

Oh how I need you to tuck me in your pocket.

Rolina said...

You timed it perfectly, we had such a lovely spell of mild weather and lots of sunshine.

The photos are gorgeous and I am glad you enjoyed it so much.

Haste ye back!

Sharon Tomlinson said...

This was wonderful. Your portrait of Jenny is astonding and oh how I love Gillian's drawing. Please tell me there is a part 3.

Caterina Giglio said...

beautiful post, studio, boneyard and good food... yes!

Lisa Filion said...

How fun!! I visited London in the mid 80s on a show your while in college but I would love to go back. Your photos have definitely made me want to go NOW!!$

Parabolic Muse said...

Beautiful women and places!