Monday, May 04, 2015

Scotland and Gillian Lee Smith

The thought of organizing my photos for a blog post has felt overwhelming. So expand what you see in your mind by 100. Such a beautiful place was Scotland and especially Gardenstown that I couldn't stop snapping photos.

We stayed in a quaint little house close to the art studio where Gillian Lee Smith taught classes.

She is a brilliant teacher and you should study with her if you have the opportunity.

Just to watch her handle a pencil was revolutionary. No fooling.

There were great places to walk, hike and sketch.

The weather was unseasonably mild. We expected cold and brought lots of clothes but needed them only in the evenings.

This beautiful place. I couldn't really believe I was there. 

This was our classroom. 

One of the hiking trails up to the cliff where we could look down over the entire area.

Kathie Vezzani urged me to climb the trail to the top where we were rewarded with the fragrance of blooming gorse and an eerie ancient ruin. 

We'd been told of a fierce battle between the Scots and the Vikings where much blood was spilled and many bones scattered. Right on this spot.

All I can say is that they must have been in excellent shape to have climbed that bluff in full battle gear.

Kathie captured me meditating on the beautiful little village below where our classes were held.

This was one of my favorite photos of Gillian and Alexis taken in the tiny Pub where we shared our evening meals. Excellent meals and warm, friendly people there.

And a few more shots taken inside the studio.

Thank you, Kijsa Houseman, for taking this photo of me admiring your work.

Some of my sketches.

One thing I came home determined to do is fill more sketchbooks.

Gillian's were so inspiring.

And I have been (sketching more). I'll be sharing some of them in coming posts.

Here is our lovely, congenial group with poor Kathie hilariously Photoshopped in (she shot the photo). 

This is a very edited version of our time in Gardenstown. I'm frankly overwhelmed with all I learned there and busily working to put some of the new ideas into practice before they escape. Thank you's and love go out to each attendee and to Gillian especially who gave us the best experience possible. The art, learning, food, the setting, the love given and shared was deep and unforgettable.

Next post: London.


Karen Cole said...

Sounds so wonderful, what could I possibly say.? Happy for you.

Joan Tucker said...

how wonderful; it looks so lovely; I took Gillian's on line class and was blown away by what she knows and how she can teach it; I teased about eye sockets but the depth of her teaching made my faces better; she seems so sincere and generous and humble.. it makes me want more and maybe an person class which based on her soled out classes will be near imposssible.I am glad you got to go and that you could enjoy being the student which is always so delightful.Thanks for sharing pics and also all of those from Mexico. Gillians sketchbooks are like world in to themselves.. great lesson in how to get better and better. Hugs, Joan Tucker

Joan Tucker said...

sorry about a couple of misspellings "sold out" " in person " " a world"

huntla1 said...

Such a wonderful experience! So happy for you to be there and share of how you spent your time. Love the sketch of the girl. She really struck a chord in me.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

The whole version would be just fine with me. But thank you for sharing the edited version. This is one I so regret not going on. I look forward to more. You are the best!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Thanks for sharing these tidbits of your week, it all looks beautiful and amazing!! Can't wait to see more of your sketches!

Kathie Vezzani said...

OMG, I am still laughing at my photo. I'm still reeling from our trip and can't make myself post about it yet. SO glad that you did.