Saturday, May 30, 2015

Journal Pages

It's been awhile since I posted journal pages. 
But I continue to write.
It's been a life long passion.
An obsession, I suppose.

Maybe in a previous life I was a scribe or a monk.
Sitting alone in my cell penning words.
That's what I am in this life, anyway.
At times.

Now that the nest is empty I can finally think.
I used to wish the merry-go-round would stop awhile so I could figure life out.
That's what I'm doing now, I suppose.
Trying to connect the dots.

And also writing things down so I won't forget.

Recording the results of the experiments in my laboratory studio.
Referencing recipes for future use. 

Goofing off.

Yeah. Mostly goofing off.

Right now I'm supposed to be packing for a trip to the beach.

I always like to be doing something other than what I should be doing.

And daydreaming.

I learned this week how constructive daydreaming is.
So I'm going to stop saying I'm lazy.
I'm just doing the important regenerating work of doing nothing.
So later I can do something.

I hope you're finding things to do to make your heart easy. 
Whatever it is, dont call it being lazy.
That's what I learned this week.


Michele Unger said...

I never call my doing nothing "being lazy." I call it being "sloth-like." I am just moving so slowly it's hard to discern!

Okay, that's my story, and as the saying goes, I'm sticking to it!

Have a great time at the beach.

Jeanette House said...

Fantastic pages, Judy! So interesting. x

roc said...

i always love to stop by and read your blog. your journals fascinate me so and your photography is amazing. thanks for making me giggle today - i love your statement about regenerating work at doing nothing.

smiles, Sharon said...

I agree with so many others, your journals are a work of art, writing, poetry, visualization, and humor. By far a very very good way to express your many talents. I love the way you know what you know what you do well and stay with it. It is a joy to take a "peek" now and then.

Bev said...

I loved seeing your journal pages pop up in my email , as for being lazy well after working and raising a family I think it's my reward ,my time to find me again because I'm so different from the one who started the journey so long ago....

Wendy Watson said...

Doing nothing? For me that when I'm procrastinating but even then I'm doing something . . . just not what needs to be done. And if a some horrid voice utters that word 'lazy' I've usually got a long list of what I did procrastinating!

I love your journal pages . . . it's something that is climbing my list of what I like to do.

Kathie Vezzani said...

I spy some big painting! Have a wonderful time at the beach.

Jan Jackson said...

Judy, it is always a pleasure to take a "peek" into your journals. Your faces are stunning.

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."
~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Enjoy the beach.

info bimtek said...
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Glennon Grush said...

As always, love love LOVE seeing your art journal pages and reading your blog.

Maria said...

Your spreads are epic, Judy! Thanks for sharing.