Friday, May 22, 2015

Garden Stroll

The garden. We finally got an overcast day, in fact it's misting lightly, so I was able to get photos of the garden. Above is luscious Buff Beauty. Fragrant! Prolific.

The new fig tree in the garden is finally gaining some size. Loaded with figs too.

The rhodies are still hanging in.

And the tomatoes have been planted and bedded down.

Looking toward the leeks and lots of volunteers.

Siberian Iris.


Beans are popping up along the trellis.

Bleeding Heart.

Blueberry bushes. Two months until the picking.

Peace rose. I started from a cutting many years ago.

Potatoes and leeks.

Rosa Kathleen. 

Lily of the Valley.

The pepper patch.

Rosa Graham Thomas.

Berries; black and raspberries.

Part of the ginormous house eater rose.

Sheltering under the apple tree as the rain increases.

Rosa Sheer Bliss.


Rosa Heritage. 

I pulled out the oil paints this week and did a portrait.

Happy Memorial Day and Start of Summer. 
Life is beautiful. xo


judy Shreve said...


Gigi said...

I love your garden photos almost as much as your paintings.

Jennifer W. said...

I just love your garden. ❤️

Lillian said...

Your garden looks amazing, and the flowers are beautiful !
Your oil portrait is looking so beautiful too. Thank you for sharing.

wanda miller said...

SO beautiful, all. I can just smell those roses!

Janie Husband said...

Wonderful garden..... ❤️❤️

Meri said...

Sheer abundance!

Kathy said...

I always adore seeing your beautiful garden. What is the roof over the blueberries? We are trying to grow blueberries but having a little trouble getting them going.
Thank you for sharing!

teri F said...

Wow this is an incredible garden. I love gardening and have some good ones in the past, but this is truly a work of art. Love the fig tree, too. They are like babies, aren't they, with the care they require. Thanks for sharing.