Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Poncho and Corset

July so far has been a challenge. My daughter sold her house and moved, my grandson left today to join his sweetheart in Arizona (leaving behind some heavy hearts in Oregon), the garden and weeds are on overdrive and I have 2 big projects going that have me chewing my fingernails. Lots of emotion and nerves. Lots of nerves. But the sun is shining! Summer is gorgeous. My tummy's full of blueberries.

To calm my spirit yesterday I sat down again with needle and thread. For me it's better than a pill and something I needed to do to empty my emotions. I finished the poncho and the corset from the Alabama Chanin books. I'm satiated now until fall when I can get back to sewing.

The one layer poncho is a piece of cake. Just sew up one seam. I love the drape. It will go with the tunic and skirt.

I made the corset in a day. Cheated by sewing up the seams in the back on the sewing machine to save time.

All the front seams by hand and the trim on the neckline.

The corset is made of 2 layers of knit and stenciled with metallic acrylic paint mixed with fabric paint additive.

I stitched up the armholes without trim because knit doesn't ravel and I'd discovered by then that I don't care for the corset pattern as much as I do the other pattern for the tunic top. For my body type it just doesn't fit as well. So leaving off the trim saved a lot of time. Plus I'd used up every scrap of the T-shirt material that I made the corset out of.

One thing I like very much about Alabama Chanin's clothes are the tiny extra bit of warmth the double layers of knit afford. I'm cold a lot, even in summer (my house is shaded and seldom heats up) so the clothes feel cozy while still looking summery.

Now I need to get to those 2 big projects that aren't sewing. I know we're not supposed to say we're busy (because that's like bragging about how important we are) but dang it, I'm as busy as I can be trying to do all I need to do and a little of what I want to do. 

Not complaining. Just describing why I'm off emails & internets for the next week and maybe longer.

Talk amongst yourselves.


Lynn Cohen said...

Well, I talk to myself all the time anyway! But I'll miss you.

This outfit top and skirt is just so fun. I love the art that you've incorporated into the design. Every stitch is artfully done (even the sewing machine ones)!

I feel for you missing grandson. Hopefully daughter didn't move too far away???

And wishing you good times and smooth sailing with the two PROJECTS! Shall I send you my relaxation CD for your nerves? (serious)

Kathie Vezzani said...

Love the corset, Judy. Have fun sewing!

Clare Wassermann said...

fabulous again. I bought your plaster book - it arrived today and is very lovely xxx

Kel said...

The clothes are turning out so beautifully. And great figure btw! You've inspired me to start sewing again. I hadn't even heard of Chanin before but I've been reading up on her for the last hour now. May need to order some books.

Trace Willans said...

Your clothes are fab. I so far have made 2 skirts though mine are single layer and I used wool jersey and put them in the natural dyepot. I made the mistake of grading the pattern up thinking that it would be too small so now I have more seams and fat ones at that on one skirt and darts on the other, I suppose that makes them individual. x te

Tara Finlay said...


Jacky said...

Oh that poncho is gorgeous. You are such a whizz when you get going Judy. Loving the look of your wardrobe my friend!
Happy stitching, and I hope it soothed your tattered nerves, calmed your mind.

Jacky xox

Caterina Giglio said...

well done you... and I just don't think that using a machine is cheating... LOL

Kathy said...

I love the way the tunic looks with the skirt. I managed to get to the thrift and pick up some t-shirts for a skirt but that is as far as I have gotten and only 4 days of vacation left so we shall see if it is going to be another case of good intentions. I never realized saying we are busy is bragging. I always feel bad that I am complaining - lol!

Parabolic Muse said...

YOU'RE busy?!!?! What about ME?! I'm WAY busier than YOU!

Hi. Miss you.

dorylyn said...

Judy, I had intended to meet you and Stephanie in San Miguel...signed up, plane ticket, passport. ONLY changed my plans to help care of my 4 month old granddaughter while her parents get settled in a new promotion in a new land. Point being, I will so miss meeting you BUT will be there next year. AND since the trip is 20 hours by plane I should be able to sew up one of those outfits by the time I arrive...and settle my nerves at the same time!

Regina said...

Wow!! Your entire outfit is stunning with all that beautiful stitching. May have to pull that book off my shelf and give it a go. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

Charissa said...

This is fantastic!