Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chanin Skirt #3

One more. Clearing out all the t-shirt drawers and turning them into skirts. I altered the corset top (shortening the straps a little) and changed the trim to black. Now I like it.

The new skirt has this little circle feature.

And I opened the seams and stitched them. 

Now I'm seriously packing for EncaustiCamp. One week by the ocean teaching 3 classes in printmaking using wax as a collograph plate and as an "ink" to print onto paper. I'm bringing 2 etch presses and lots of pans of wax and griddles. Akua waterbased inks, wax blocks of color, aluminum and plexi plates and lots of paper. It's exciting to be teaching printmaking again; my native tongue.

Nathan is ever on my mind. My grandson beginning his new life in Arizona. We all miss him. Even though he was reclusive he was here. 

My morning smoothie. Frozen blueberries from the last picking, strawberries from our garden, fresh mango, nootch, chia seeds, hemp milk, lime juice and wads of kale and spinach. And a banana and a handful of walnuts. Cold and wonderful.

Sweet summer. 

Rising above what is dispiriting in the world like the trial that just ended and working on for equality, diversity and community. Replacing fear with curiosity, with art, with doing things that add to the well being of all. That's our work here. 

See you around the bend.



Lynn Cohen said...

#1 I love the new outfits! What fun. You will be the best dressed "aging gracefully Hippie" on the block...for miles!
#2 I hear your missing your grandson already. I hope he emails or does facebook!
#3. Enjoy the new classes! Lucky students
#4 We are practically eating the exact same smoothies in the morning. I ate green two days in a row. Kale! Berries, Bananas, Walnuts, Flax seeds, hemp seeds. coconut milk unsweetened!
Tell me do you soak the chia seeds first or not? I just got some. Wasn't sure if they have to be soaked ahead or not.

wanda miller said...

oh my goodness are going to town...ahem, yes you can sure go to town and any other special place with these GORGEOUS GLADRAGS MADAM...I am awed! ox

Kathy said...

Looking good. Sewing and Design book arrived last week, bit haven't had much time with it yet. Thanks for that last bit. It has been challenging to try to find some sense of justice and sense in all this. There is a need to find beauty.

Zom said...

The skirt is very inspiring. Thank you.

It looks double-layered. I would think those skirts would be too thin with just one layer. Did you have enough white t-shirts to do the entire under layer?

Jo Reimer said...

Love the skirts! And how easy! Did you start with their kit or did you use your own pattern? I knew I saved my old tee shirts for some good reason and maybe a stop at goodwill is called for, too.

Francesca Di Leo said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your t-skirt and shirt. wow girl, you are awesomely talented. can i pay you to make one one???? pretty please..... xoxo

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

thanks for the positive reminder Judy. Your clothing creations are as wonderful and beautiful as all of your other art AND YOURSELF ;)
big hugs,

femminismo said...

You are in "awesome" gear ... that's one beyond fourth. And double clutching too. The skirts are great and I like the black trim on the corset!

Kathy said...

I love the patchwork of this one! I made my first attempt but have more work to do on the fit. Thank you for the inspiration.

roc said...

coming to visit your blog is always such a delightful treat. you are such an inspiration to me judy.

Kathie Vezzani said...

Judy, you are way too cute, as are your lovely creations--love the high fashion poses! Looking forward to seeing you next week at Encausticamp.

Michele said...

Have a wonderful time!

Love from Bee and Me on Nantucket

kim Beller said...

beautiful always.
miss you. love you.

Quyen said...

This is fantastic!