Monday, May 14, 2012

Adios Can Serrat

One last, quick post before I begin packing my gear and preparing myself for re-entry. I leave tomorrow morning and after 21 hours and 23 minutes travel time I'll be home. So far away. Then it exists only in my memory and in my journal. But there is evidence I was here.

Two nights ago we put on our glad rags and had a Blues Concert here along with an art exhibit by the residents. Can Serrat was full of people, music, lovers of the arts.

Of course I positioned myself in the middle of the fun. 

Taking my cue from Miles Davis I titled my works "Sketches of Spain".

We set up the exhibit in the grotto where the concert was held. Really a wonderful, atmospheric and magical place to have a show.

Chicago Blues. These guys were really good and I got to hear some of my favorite blues music. 

Have I mentioned that I love to be around artists, writers, musicians and good cooks?  

Then last night we had a quiet party with only a few friends.

Friends with kind hearts.

Polite, talented, young. It was a joy to be included. There was magic afoot.

Now it's time to cut the canvases off the stretcher bars and roll them up for the trip home. My emotions are mixed as you can surely imagine. It already seems like a dream that I made up. A dream of an imagined life. How can such beauty exist? Oh, life, you can be so hard and yet give us moments of such perfection.

Adios mis amigos. Véale detrás en el país. xo


Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

The art you created there is gorgeous and I see in the photos of you how happy and relaxed you look, definitely the sign of a good experience! You will carry Can Serrat home in your heart. Travel safe.

Brian Kasstle said...

Safe travels my friend!

lyle baxter said...

It seems so short to me! must be a blur in time for you! glad you had such a delightful trip. dont envy the trip home! safe journey.

Jeanne said...

i get goosebumps when i read your blog... you are such a magical person!

Lynn said...

My first thought was how will you take all those big canvas' home. Silly me I didn't realize they could be taken off the wooden frames!
Did this go fast or what? Was it a full month you were there?
I hope the outcome was all you hoped it to be Judy and then some. I bet you realize more of what it was long after it's behind you.
How far is where you live from Portland?

Gigi said...

What an amazing place--thank you so much for sharing your art and experiences at Can Serrat. Magical.

Carol said...

Sounds like a life changing experience! The art is so beautiful.

Lorraine Lewis said...

look how beautiful you glow!

dorylyn said...

I don't think you stayed long enough! So much fun!

roc said...

safe travels judy.

Chris said...

It's been an amazing journey with you. Loved seeing so many pictures of your surroundings, art, food and friends. Safe travels to you. I look forward to seeing where your art goes from here! Have a farwell Mojito for me:D

The Cranky Crone, she lives alone! said...

Hello, I have loved the peek into this wild and wonderful place you dared to dream of, it would be a dream of mine if I were to be at all talented in words or pictures, so thank you for introducing me to a place that I am so pleased exists for the talented and creative people of this world.
That last night just looks fantastic.
Safe journey home.

barefoot muse said...

Your magical experience is clearly expressed in the light that surrounds you! How wonderful to see!!! xo

Jill said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing your residency with you. Have a safe and comfortable journey home - yuo must be full of mixed feelings, but you have so many ways of expressing them beautifully.

Janine Whitling said...

oh how sad its over already, boy time flies when you're having fun right? What an amazing experience.

Jess said...

Beautiful!!! Love to you!

Jenny Lee Wentworth said...

It's already over...went by so fast.
I'm thrilled for you to have had this magical journey. Thank you for sharing it with us. Safe journey back home.
Much Love,

Terrie Purkey said...

It's such a treat to have been taken on this trip with you. A little vicarious joy is a good thing! I'm envious and yet thrilled for you to have been able to have this experience. Thanks so much for sharing.

Your two paintings are similar and yet so different - I love them both. I just love abstract paintings and these are so delightful.

Manuela Kalestiantz said...

Dear Judy,

I understand what you're saying...I feel that way every time I leave Lisbon!

Can't wait to hear some stories of your journey...

Safe travels!

pauline said...

So happy that you got to experience this, and with such gratitude! What a gift indeed... your paintings are so gorgeous and it had to be amazing to share such an experience with other "art hearts". Safe travels home! xoxo

Parabolic Muse said...

What beautiful photos of you!

It's hard to leave these sweet envelopes of experience.

Next time I will come with you. That might cut the sadness about leaving.



Tracy Verdugo said...

Ah Judy! What sweet inspiration! You have created a life of beauty and wonder, surrender and joy and in doing so you light the way for all of us to do the same. Thank you! Tracy♥