Friday, September 02, 2011

Hot Wax Fit

I kept wanting to prolong the fun of working with the ivory confetti imagery so I did 3 more in the series.

Those of you who have taken classes from me know how these were created. Patience and love of the materials.

I'm pretty sure I could keep going here but other sirens are calling ... is that you, cold wax?

Look what I discovered at our local taqueria. What is it about the mexican culture that is so brilliant about food and drink? This is not carbonated and I had never seen it before in my travels although it must be common somewhere. Have you guys seen it? 

Buff Beauty is still carrying on.

These are our regular daylight neutral, ever-bearing strawberries.

And this is a strain of very fancy incredibly flavorful little strawberry. The best.

And these are a mixture of the two which happened by accident in our garden. Now that bitty delicacy is big and fabulously flavored. Yum!

Heritage has put on a hearty re-bloom.

The little house John built over the tomatoes so they don't get rained on if we get an early rain. Our tomatoes don't like to get wet in the fall.

The sunflowers are nodding their heads; heavy with summer memories. Sleep will come soon enough.

The glorious sunset over our lane.

All is quiet here. Everything that lives is holy.


Unknown said...

hello judy wise :)
i am loving this blog.

yes i love wax, and i am mad for your art - but your photography has hooked me :)


huntla1 said...

Hi Judy. I am totally going to be a part of your on line class, but I have a burning question that I hope you can give a quick answer to. I have taken a couple of encaustic classes and read a couple of books, but as best I can remember you are the only one that I have heard refer to "cold" wax. What is the "cold" wax technique/process? I hope this doesn't open up a can of worms for you. And I want to say that I love the pieces that you showcased today. Beautiful!

somepinkflowers said...

helllo, missy!
it is the middle of the night
over & down here
in florida...

i just popped in to say:
i LOVED the plaster class this summer
but whilst in the middle of things
my computer when ka~put!
just turned over & expired...

{{ it was horrible }}
and i did not want to complain
one little bit...

i played
with my plaster*art lovingly
but could not upload images
from my cell...

whine whine whine--->

it was one thing after another...

TODAY i bought a new computer
and hope to soon share
some of
my dear plaster*play...

a new computer
in time for me
to learn its new ways
before the hot wax class starts...

life is grand, isn't it
if you just hang in there....

{{ have been blog stalking you
with my iPhone
but those days are past...}}

Jill said...

Judy I love the way your photos and journal pages as well as your wax pieces all have layers of love and creativity.

Claire said...

Hey Judy, I love your work, the colours and layers, make me want to reach out and touch it.
Those strawberries look mouth so wateringly good too.
Can't wait for my strawberries to start producing some fruit.......

Your Sunflowers are simply stunning . I can't believe how tall they are.............I have just finished making my Sunflower tea cosy. Such bright,cheerful flowers........

Beautiful pics, a lovely post, enjoy your weekend,

Claire :}

Unknown said...

i really like your last picture

Judy Wise said...

huntla1@ I couldn't find an address for you so I'll answer here. Rebecca Crowell is the authority on cold wax. I merely took a class with her. Go to her site, watch her video, take a class from her if at all possible.

Cold wax is an emulsion like soap that you add to oil paint. The technique is altogether different than hot wax.

Kim Mailhot said...

Enjoy the holy time, Lovely One. And the cold wax time ! Why am I telling you that ? You are so good at enjoy the good stuff.
Much LOve and happy Labor Day Weekend !

carolsue said...

I haven't told you lately that I love your blog and look forward to any new postings. They always make me smile, and often make me sigh with the beauty of your world. Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

Lynn Cohen said...

Wonderful art work Judy...
and your photos, also art work, make those strawberries cry out to be tasted; the sunflowers brighten my day; and the sunset/rise? invites one to want to be on that lane!

Thank you for sharing your LIFE!
It's such a warm, inviting, comfortable place to visit.

Anonymous said...

i would love to visit your wonderful looks heavenly

Tanja Z. said...

oh, yes, the garden pictures, they get me every single time and make me long for home... Have not seen the brand of coconut water in my neck of the woods (TJ), but they sell it everywhere in the real coconut :) but somehow, i cant make myself like it:)

Chris said...

Hi Judy! Nice paintings! I found coconut water, made some countertop coconut kefir.....yum!

Patti Sandham said...

I could eat your wax pieces they look so good, not to mention your garden fare.

The filters you did on that last garden photo is so cool. What is it? Is it more than one?

Inspirational as always. :)


Judy Wise said...

Pattio, I'm pretty sure it was Tilt Shift Generator on my iPhone.

Pancho Villa de los angeles said...

"everything that lives is holy"
tears in my eyes when i read this powerful line.
simple words. big impact.
only the best writers can do this.
my poet.