Wednesday, August 31, 2011

More Wax

Wax. Sweet summer. Friends visiting. Lots of work and dreams floating around with travel talk and living vicariously through friends who are having adventures. A rich imagination is a good thing to have on a lazy summer day. Especially knowing that tomorrow brings a delicious change; when things get fast again, when fall's charms present themselves.

I've always loved September. That's when school starts, when we put on our thinking caps and get to work. I love work too. As daydreamy and lazy as I am I have a strong streak of loving book lists, goals, studying and learning.

So today I'm celebrating the last day of August by wiggling my toes in my sandals and looking toward September with real enthusiasm. Looking forward to the International Encaustic Association Retreat at the end of the month here in Portland and then to teaching at Art and Soul. 

I don't know if this last encaustic is done or not. I've been painting over work this week. I love that about wax, hot or cold. There is always the next layer. Like life come to think of it. Layers of memories, history, experience. It's good, all of this. xo


Lynn said...

layers of memories,
layers of clothes,
layers of a personality,
layers of bricks,
layers of cakes,
layers of skin,
layers upon layers of make up
make up our lives
make memories

your layers

Sue said...

lovely thoughts about relaxing summer days and exciting autumn times... and beautiful encaustics and journal entries. Very enjoyable post!

Deb's Artful Journey said...

I am in love!!! That first wax painting.... I am swooning!!

peggy gatto said...

Dreamy, creaming, luscious and

Carol said...

I love this. Beautiful. I want to pick it up and rub my hands on it. I want to smell it. Is that weird or what?


I love that I can cold wax over hot wax and the other way as well.

jill nalette said...

awww the layers of life.
be well!
love, hugs and smiles~ jill

Parabolic Muse said...

So well said. These are beautiful and the encaustic method always seems reflective to me, just as do your words.

dorylyn said...

I believe this is your best...beautiful!

Sea Mist and Sunsets said...

Watching your continuing exploration of creativity, techniques and self, is one of the best gifts of this wonderful blogging invention we all enjoy.

As you dig deeper and deeper into encaustics and share the results...I utter more and more gasps and wows to the computer. Then drag the laptop to my husband so he can gasp and wow with me.

These encaustic images took us right past wow to Yeah Judy, You Rock! Your creative gifts enhance lives. Thanks so very much for sharing them.

Healing Woman said...

Love these new pieces. I'm reminded of Einstein or Tesla. September should bring lots of creativity and new wax treasures.

Chris said...

Judy these pieces are fabulous. Always a pleasure to stop by!