Friday, March 04, 2011

San Miguel Recalled

Home again, full of memories and picking up the threads of the life I left behind. Pictured above is one of the handful of encaustics I completed in Ezshwan's class.

She was a very good teacher and demonstrated approaches I hadn't tried before but I found myself settling into my familiar groove in the classroom. 

It was so informative to work in a different studio and with someone else's equipment. It shakes things up.

Three weeks after I thought the above piece was finished I decided to rework parts of it without access to a torch or tools. I struck matches which I held on the surface and sat the piece in the sun to change the wax. That was really fun; making do with what I had on hand. I even got my hair dryer into the action.

Here Ezshwan demonstrates the hot pen. You can lift up blobs of wax and draw with the tip. 

And above is one of Ezshwan's paintings done with that tool.  In the background you can see the first demo piece with a little more added to it.

And this is another piece I did during class - nothing to write home about but it was fun.

John did a lot of cooking.

This last photo shows the tamales our housekeeper prepared for us from a cookbook John purchased. The tamales were made from corn slaked with lime, cooked into tortillas, those tortillas were soaked in cream until they disintegrated and then filled with ground peanuts and cinnamon, lightly sweetened. They were really wonderful.

Now I have to get to work to prepare packets of goodies for my Malibu class in a couple of weeks (see sidebar). I'll be scarce at responding to comments but please know that I read them and love hearing your thoughts. It's going to take awhile for me to get on track here. xo


jill nalette said...

you are amazing to me! i love seeing pictures and hearing about your adventures.
take care my dear : )
love, BIG hugs and smiles~ jill

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

That 4th pic looks like women in robes emerging from the flames. Very cool effect Judy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, San Miguel looks like a little slice of heaven. Love the idea of letting the sun alter your art - mother nature is the best artist of all!!


Unknown said...

Great creations, I just want to touch them! The food, yum! Nice pics...thank you for the virtual tour. Have fun and be safe! Connie

Jill said...

OH dear, now I must get myself some lunch! What wonderful photographs, all those chalky tones are so reminiscent of your wax works.

Joy said...

Love all the photos. I really enjoyed your encaustic pieces! I tried working with encaustics for the 1st time last night actually, and it was a disaster, lol.

Emily said...

Judy, your photos are so gorgeous and inspiring! I really enjoyed seeing your pieces and hearing about your experiences with the class. Also, I loved what you wrote about the benefits of working with other artists, being in a different studio, "shaking things up". Great post.

Michele R. Unger said...

Love the work you did in SMdA. Vibrates! And all your photos are wonderful. I am going myself in the autumn and seeing your photos makes me crazy with anticipation. Thank you for sharing.

Lynn Cohen said...

Judy, I'd certainly write home about each of your art pieces. They are different and very very exciting!!! Glad you let yourself over the side of the box and into new drippy ways. Very cool stuff!!!!

I LOVE the photo of the colored juice jugs!
All the photos are breathtaking.

Happy preps for your next adventure! And thanks so much for sharing.

Adrianne in Portland said...

The photos, the colors, the art - all very inspiring. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Welcome home Judy! Thank you for sharing the warmth of San Miguel with us. I would love to have a winter getaway like that, looks amazing!
I'm getting anxious for sunnier days.
Much Love to you♥

guy said...

I am loving the two art pieces more and more everyday as I get to see them on our patio table. Missing you here in Mexico. Next year will be here before we know it......
Love --- Guy

Karen Cole said...

Green, green, green........yes, with envy.

I feel So blessed to have a Judy Wise encaustic piece.

Encaustic Camp.......sigh, so many things I want to do, so little time.

So happy you are enjoying life to the fullest.

xo K

Anonymous said...

Amazing pics!!! "Nothing to write home about..." pishaw!!! They are awesome!!! Such color!!! Sounds like an amazing trip!

Parabolic Muse said...

Dont' you worry about responding, pookie! I am loving catching up after my two months away and seeing this awesomeness. It's cool to see the places and food, too!

Minnie said...

I am so excited because I will be in your class in Malibu in such a short time..... Remember me from artfest, you saved a seat for me in misty mawns class. Minnie. See you soon. Xxoo