Monday, February 21, 2011



Anonymous said...

It looks like your having a wonderful trip! So much to see! Have a great time.

Catherine Denton said...

Such beautiful and inspiring photos!

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Ahhhhh... I know exactly where you took that last photo! San Miguel is so utterly magical and it sounds like its beauty is working its magic on you. Happy sigh...

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Dear Judy,

I am SO THERE with you. I can feel the sunshine. This will enrich your life even more.

All joys to you,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Connie Lou said...

How nice, religious art..I love! Beautiful tiles and happy people, thank you! Aloha, Connie

Lynn said...

Lovely photos Judy. How long are you there for?

jill nalette said...

ooo this looks wonderful! hope you are having fun and relaxing time!
love ya!!
xo + smiles~ jill

Karen Cole said...

Lovin the postcards. Can you even imagine a life without digital photography?

somepinkflowers said...

you are having the Best Time!


if only
i could thumb thru your journal
whilst sitting HERE
it would be Heaven!

Meri said...

Wish I were there!