Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Journal Pages

I didn't take many art supplies with me to Mexico. Watercolors is what I used for the most part; my trusty glue stick, some gel medium, brushes, and a few small bottle of acrylic. Scissors, dates stamps, a stamp pad, gesso and about a jillion pens. Okay, I guess I did take quite a bit of stuff but I missed a lot of my favorite stand-bys too.

One of the reasons I took an encaustic class while I was there was because I felt I'd go crazy to go a month without dipping into the hot wax.

Now that I'm home I'm tickled to have access to all my acrylics, resins and papers that I like to use.

I think what i missed the most though was not having Photoshop to play around with. I think altering photographs and printing out images that speak to my subconscious are a huge inspiration for how I work.

I spoke to a friend in San Miguel who urged me very strongly to come back and teach a journaling class there.

I'm thinking about it.

In the meantime there is the paradise of Malibu on the horizon. I've been working on the packets and imagining some of the things I want to share in class. I've never had 2 days with a journaling class before and I'm really excited about being able to get into the painting techniques and writing prompts that I haven't had time to include in the past.

I celebrated a Birthday last week and it was really, really good. When I was younger I fretted over Birthdays. Thinking that getting old would be boring and that I would have to grow up.

All I can say now is "ha ha ha ha ha". What did I know? Certainly not that life would grow richer and more free with every passing year. That experience is a wonderful ground to stand on. That the spirit gets younger with time. That was my Birthday gift this year. Embracing my age, my experience, my blessings. 

"First you are young; then you are middle-aged; then you are old; then you are wonderful.
Lady Diana Cooper (1892-1986) English socialite and actress


Megan said...

Beautiful and inspiring!

I'm a big fan of art journaling but haven't found pens that I've particularly loved yet. Do you have any recommendations?

Lovely work!

jill nalette said...

oh my so many wonderful art journaling pages! the ending of your post on age has me thinking, thank you.
love you sweet dear!
hugs and smiles~ jill

Bianca said...

These are just lovely. I'm impressed you worked with so few supplies. When I travel with my journal I always feel like I need a whole suitcase just for my art stuff!

Rebecca said...

Dear Wonderful Wise Judy! I haven't been here to your blog for awhile, but checking in and today happens to be my birthday and you're talking of birthdays. I stumbled onto Stephanie Lee's blog yesterday, found her charming and was intrigued by the online plaster class. Then I realized that the other mysterious teacher was none other than you so I signed up for the class right there on the spot--a birthday present to myself! Don't know a thing about plaster, but have been wanting to take a class from you for so long, but I'm way over here in VT. I purchased one of your prints a while back(The Woman Who Loved Animals)--I can see it from where I type. I love it so much. Looking forward to the online class and getting back to this blog. Sending many good wishes your way, Becky

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy belated Birthday and cheers to Lady Di Cooper, love her quote. Love seeing the journal pages of your travels.

Catherine Denton said...

Happy Birthday!! How wonderful that you could embrace it in such a beautiful way.

I'm always amazed by your pages. You fill them so full and I find myself just wanting to get lost in them. Thanks for sharing with us!
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Desert Mermaid said...

How I feast when you post your journal pages .... better, even, than chile relleno (& for me, that's saying MORE than a lot!)

Happy Birthday, Ms. J!

Toni Brown

Rebecca Anthony said...

What a treat to be let into your journal Judy!! Absolutely incredible pages, such detail!! I always love to look at your pages!

misty said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday beautiful soul!

I love that b & w photo of you laughing... so wonderful, so you!

much love & happy wishes to you!

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday and also glad to hear you had a safe wonderful trip! Your pages always speak to me soo!

kluless said...

LOVE that quote - OY!

marilyn said...

these are beautiful pages, inspiring. i am taking your class in malibu and am completely stymied by what kind of book to bring, as i am a art journal newbie. or worse yet, an AJ virgin. please advise.

Marit said...

Oh wow Judy... you gave me an overdose of art journaling inspiration today! Love it!!! (missed it!)

Lynn Cohen said...

Oh I will embrace that last quote on this my 70th BD year!!!!
Happy Birthday to you Ms. Wonderfulness Personified.
Love all these pages...things /words jumped out at me while scanning quickly that jarred me "boy hitting girl"...
and others that I can't remember just now but some were good things...wonderful choices you have in life ! enjoy all your decisions.

Hugs and Happy Birthday again!
Lynn, equally young at heart!

Parabolic Muse said...

Amazing, Amazing! (The Dude Abides, hehe.) I love the black and white photo bits in that first spread. I love it that you took an encaustic class! When we need our fix...

I love it when you obscure some of your writing, and there are transfers and magic everywhere. No wonder they want you to teach a journaling class!

I wish I hadn't missed your birthday! Happy Happy! It's a great time to celebrate our own mother, for her foresight and brilliant parenting skills!


Jan's Art and Musings said...

Happy belated birthday, Judy. I can't wait until next weekend and Malibu and two whole days of being in your presence!

dewatobay said...

Enjoyed this entry! inspirational and instructive. I miss Guanajuato and Dolores Hidago - ole Chamucos!

dewatobay said...

AND happy, happy, happy - life is good~

Emily said...

Your pages blow me away ... each and every time. Just thought you should know. =)