Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gene Flores

I want to feature this great artist again; Gene Flores. I wrote about him in the past here and here and here.
He's going to be at the High Desert Art Festival this weekend in Bend, Oregon for all of you locals. I just looked at the list of artists who will be there and I can recommend it as a show that has attracted the best artists in our area.

Gene and his wife Joan are family friends; we spent the better part of the day at their house and studio yesterday and once again they prepared food all day that was soooo good. We ate al fresco where we could admire their gardens and trees. They have grandchildren now (how time flies!) so we caught up on all the news.

Gene cooks! Gene makes ice cream for his guests! Gene Gene Gene. No wonder I write about you on my blog. Here he grills annato, chili and orange juice marinated chicken, beef and pork for the fajitas.

We tour the printmaking studio. I drool over his uncluttered space.

I shoot photos of his big etchings; this one approximately 24x30" (my guess, maybe a little smaller than that).

Compare the two that are similar. He draws and hand paints each one so that it is unique. It's impossible for me to choose a favorite.

We nose through all his stuff. Yum yum.

Lots of Gene's work is funny as well as political. I think I see some radio personalities in the background and a Fox "news" man on the ground. Tribulation and vexation stalking the central figure.

Here we see in a detail her green card and Birth Certificate; necessary documentation thanks to the vigilance of the radio and faux news people.

I had not known about the technique Gene used to do the detailing in the robe. Sharpie pen over aquatint. I bet Picasso wishes he would have had that.

After the studio visit we settle down to the food. Masa harina tortillas, hand patted and toasted on a comal.

A little food, a little beer, a patio table under the umbrella, throw in some sunshine, sparkling conversation and we're all set.

Everyone is smiling, even the flowers.

Three desserts and home made vanilla ice cream. Peach Cobbler, Blueberry and Blackberry Crisp and Almond Poundcake. I do like me some poundcake, berries and ice cream.

For a great video of Gene demonstrating and talking about his work go here.


lyle baxter said...

wow! as said in my childhood g.i.n.v.u. what wonderful things to see and taste too!

dosfishes said...

I agree with Lyle, wow, what fantastic work. And the food, double yum. xox Corrine

Lynn said...

I would want a taste of everything it looks and sounds so delicious.
And the art: WOW!!!! Lovely lovely day!

Clare Wassermann said...

both the art and the food have made my mouth water. !

Stephanie said...

well...I'm a lurker from way back, always love what you have to offer.

had to say how much I love Gene Flore's work.


Donna Heart said...

s what a feast for the eyes - and some great food too!!!

Bren said...

My gosh, does a better day exist in the world! Thanks for taking along for such an incredible journey, but darn it left me drooling, over the art, the space, the friendship and the food!

Parabolic Muse said...

Oh, this man is amazing, and I always love seeing his work, although I admit I'm remiss in keeping him in my awareness. He's just so... alive! I love people who are alive!! Like yourself. That studio truly is amazing. Isn't it interesting that some of us have to have things around us orderly in order to confront our inner chaos, and others of us somehow aren't aware of the mess around us because we are always ordering our inner chaos? Is that too philosophical?...


I think the top horse make that image the better one for me. But your first image here really makes me happy.

your site is filled with surprises, pookie!!

kathyd said...

thank you judy for the info
on gene .his work is wonderful.
if i lived closer i would so be there on sat .
the food looked great too. said...

Such an inspiring and wonderful day you had! Gorgeous art!!!

Dawn E. Shepherd Nguyen said...

Thank you for taking us along once again Judy. A feast for the eyes, stomach, and soul!