Saturday, April 24, 2010

Testing from Cincinnati

Stephanie and I made it here and spent a pleasant day shopping for supplies for the photo shoot. I feel great except for the crown that just fell off my molar; nothing like a soup diet to keep you from bingeing on cashews and trail mix. Hope this post works- my first try from my iPhone.


Kim Rae Nugent said...

If you still have the crown they sell cement to temporarily glue it on at the pharmacy. My husband had to do this last month. It doesn't hold real well for chewing but at least it helps with sensitivity.
It's kind of like plaster ;)

Sharon said...

OMG it works and what a view. Hey, do what Kim Rae said and get you some plaster I mean glue.

Lynn said...

Wow, what a shot from the plane!
Photo shoot, is this for the book?
Hope the tooth gets fixed soon so you can chew again.
Wishing you well in all ways.

Are you curious about me? said...

I am so impressed.... what a photo!!!

The tooth glue that people are recomending is great stuff and will tide you over until you can get to your dentist.

~ Julie

Leslie said...

Nice to think about you lovely talented ladies with your heads together on this new book.

Best to you.


lilasvb said...

great shot!

Jill Berry said...

Looking forward to hearing about your book adventures. Have a wonderful time and glue that tooth!

And so it goes... said...

The iphone is a wonder! What a view! I think the temporary cement is "Dentemp". Be sure you try the crown on your tooth prior to cementing so you can be sure it fits...make sure the crown doesn't feel higher than normal. If it does, it could mean you have it on backwards or the tooth has fractured, (throwing off normal placement). I'm sure Stephanie can help cement it on...or whip you up a new plaster crown! Happy trails! Can't wait to hear all about it...

Brian K said...

Nice shot from the plane it has that nice vintagie feel to it. Here is to a speedy recovery!

Kim Mailhot said...

We hear you loud and clear from your trick-up new gadget. May the rest of the trip be as smooth as can be. Glad you have the Goddess Stephanie to help you through. Big Love to you !

jgr said...

Awesome picture-can't wait for your book. I'm sending up a prayer for your tooth-why does it always seem to happen when you're out of town?

Candace said...

Judy, why oh why can't you behave? If it's not one thing it's another and now this business with your crown slipping. Seriously, I am so sorry. I know from experience that it's a problem, not to mention a pain.

Say, your post worked like a charm... like you, as a matter of fact.

Love to see our Earth from a plane! Great photo.
Have fun.
Candace, still in Athens.

Clare Wassermann said...

You made a good post from your phone - I must try to work out how to make my iPhone do that!

Marit said...

IT WORKS!!! Enjoy the photoshoot and the stay!!!

Amy said...

just returned from a blog hiatus and read about your surgery, your vocal chords, your santos, your molar, your travels: so glad to know that through it all, your attitude hasn't changed one bit. you are an incredible woman whose words and art never cease to inspire me. xo

somepinkflowers said...


i SO love me some photo shots
from an airborne aeroplane!



don't you know--->
that if you lose a Tooth Crown while traveling
that is Good Luck!

sure it is...

this means the Tooth Crown
will be replaced
with a Head Crown of Good Fortune.

{{ trust me }}

somepinkflowers said...

for the past few weeks
i have been sitting bed~side
at the nearby hospital
with my dear mom~in~law
i have surfaced this morning
to blog-hop...
catching up...
when i saw this photo--->

'''doll heads in plaster gauze'''

i had such a heart~felt reaction
as my left eye
so remembered this
on me...

here is hoping
Stellar Health always finds purchase in your Body

{{ and


mine! }}

what is a tooth
compared to voice and vision?

Meri said...

Airborne Iphone. There's something in that combination. Isn't it nice they have glue that can keep you from falling apart, even if it's only temporary?