Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Whole Buncha Things

I've had the best couple of days in weeks. Yesterday a friend invited me and a half dozen other artists to her garage party; a space she's organized with tables and art supplies and heat guns and all sorts of inspiring eye candy. For several hours we each played in whatever media suited our fancy while we visited and nibbled and laughed together. It was what women have done for ages; cloistered together in friendship and fun. Incredibly good medicine. I made the journal page background above.

I had a couple of bags of vintage wallpaper scraps with me so I made another background page with those (isn't glueing fun?) and then loved the pages so much that I'm not sure I can paint over them. That old paper is just so gorgeous.

So a couple more journal layouts here.

I always thought of St. Paddy's Day as my personal holiday since it falls so close to my Birthday. I have a special connection with four leaf clovers and made a rubber stamp many years ago that I like to use around "my" holiday. Lucky me and my four leaf clovers.

I promised you photographs of my journal creation and I did take a few shots but they are still in my camera and I'm packing for a weekend trip so this is all I'll post for now. This is the back cover of the journal that I printed on fabric (ironed sheeting onto freezer paper and run through the inkjet printer then coated with acrylic gel and matte medium). The colors are very soft when you do it this way. I've also printed onto decal paper that you iron onto cotton sheeting as well as glueing a plain lazerprint onto the Davey board and all three methods give different effects. Inkjet is the most subtle.

While I was in a funk I started this experiment. Took a stack of computer paper that was printed on one side (you know, trash) and painted whacked out stuff on the reverse. Just anything to get the paint moving and do something for crying in a bucket. I figured if nothing else I could tear them into strips and use them as journal borders later.

So these are a couple of the pages I dashed off. It is very freeing; you have to go faster than usual to force yourself to work from automatic pilot instead of the left brain. The best part is plugging in the iron and ironing the curled up sheets when they're dry. I love ironing paper. (And I wouldn't dream of ironing clothes!)

This is the beautiful necklace I purchased from Nikki Blackwood. I know a lot of you know her from the art retreats. The art just gushes out of this woman; her home is like a gallery, museum, and cabinet of wonders. When I saw this hanging from a display screen I snatched it right up and now it's mine all mine, whoopee! I'm not even taking it off to sleep. (okay, that might have been an exaggeration.) She has others too that she hasn't listed on etsy so I'm nagging her to get busy.

Lastly, I want to tell you that this book came in the mail 2 days ago and it is a real gem. Bee has included just about every collage technique there is in this book. If you want to get a taste of what she's put together go to this blog and look in on what the women there have created from the chapters. I wish this had been the first book on collage I'd ever purchased as it has about 6 books worth of ideas to inspire you.

Well, tomorrow I throw clothes, art supplies, cameras, myself and lots of diet pop in the car and head up north to be with friends for the coming weekend. We will be honoring a friend as well as painting and catching up on our winter stories. Women talking. What could be warmer or juicier?

BTW, here's what a card said that John gave to me.

     "I just don't like to see you waste your time on silly things" he said
     "Well then," she said, "close your eyes".

hee hee.

"The greatest enemy of creativity is common sense"      --Picasso

Now I'm off to dream of my car trip. xo


Cleo said...

Wow your work is such an inspiration, I have recently started going to life drawing and using a art journal for the drawings.
I look forward to seeing more :)

lilasvb said...

i really like your work

lyle baxter said...

judy, I have been enjoying your blog and am so happy to see you are back full time. we nver met at squam but I'm sorry I didnt sign up for your classes. keep well and enjoy it all lyle

Kim Mailhot said...

The play time for women is my favorite thing ! It always reminds me of those "bees" of old, women gathering to celebrate the best of womanhood - creation and "home" making, and of course, the gabbing...
So glad you had good doses of that ! The pages are so fun and playful too. Love the old papers and love your body stretching over the sky...
Enjoy your visits !
Big love to you, Wonderful Judy !

Lynda Lehmann said...

Everything here is GORGEOUS and so full of good energy! I love what you did--and the idea of getting together for a day of shared creating (outside of formal, structured art classes) is very appealing!

Your "stuff" just emanates artistic vision!

fromthepines said...

Judy, You are sounding better and I love the journal pages.

How funny - I have that same card on my wall! I bought it for myself the first year of Squam in town.

I see also some familiar wallpaper! I love how you made a collage. Great idea.

Have a fun time,

noye studios said...

wonderful wide variety of work! so many colors and techniques (but your personal style always shine thru). great stuff!

and thanks for the link to Nikki's jewelry. I didn't know her before but that necklace is gorgeous. Heading now to check out her other stuff.

noye studios said...

Judy - Nikki's blog hasn't been updated since 2008 and a search for her on etsy comes up empty. Could you post a link to a website or her etsy shop? Thanks!!!!!

Jessica said...

Hi Judy! I have been checking in with your blog for a while, and just thought I'd mention how much I am loving it. I really hope to take one of your classes eventually. I am such a fan of your journals (it's what I love to do most, after all) and the individual, painterly touch you add to the pages. That and your lettering as also. Tanks again, and hope you are well!

Lynn said...

I love that you know how to have fun!
I love all that you create.
I love that you share it all (or almost all probably) with us.
I love that you have a husband who understands.
I love looking at all the details, oggling, being inspired, wondering if I... and so on.
Go! Enjoy! Have a ball!!!!!

my friends call me Nik said...

Judy, loved our art date. I had the best time hanging out with my art pals and making laughter. Funny, I can't remember anything we said but I can still feel the buzz :)

Thanks to everyone for the kind words regarding my jewelry. Just so you know, it takes me forever to make things happen, witness my blog. I've been working on my etsy store for months and can't seem to get it open. This may just be the push I need. I will let Judy know as soon as I get things up and running.

Portland OR

Keli Hansen said...

ok... i'm just a coward. i have visited all your post's and have paused to give that "virtual" hug. to say i understand the complete sweeping clean of the all important "to do list" when the body speaks up and says.."no, it's my turn to take over your thoughts and energy". to say i understand the pause in pace, to reset your compass... i should have been brave and told you these things... and then i have to be honest and reveal my selfish side... i'm so bummed i haven't had a seat in your classes - to spend a little space with you -because i love the work you do... so hugs - heal - and come back! have a wonderful weekend... i have a feeling you get lots of good hugs

And so it goes... said...

inspiring! every word, every picture. i can feel the "buzz" of like-minded women creating, chatting, nibbling... true food for the soul! makes me laugh, i have the same card from curly girl designs, and love to iron paper... enjoy your weekend. sounds heavenly!

Meri said...

I love the card your beloved gave you. And a cozy circle of women creating -- splendid!

Anonymous said...

your work is always inspiring, how do you find the tine to do so much?

Jill said...

I haven't done much collage work lately, but your pages are so inspiring, I feel the call of the glue...

Clare Wassermann said...

an amazing post. Your "body" page is like a papyrus picture I bought years ago in Egypt depicting the goddess Nut.

Colette said...

I love your top gesoed pages! And I adore your person rainbow. I hope you start an online class. (Let me know if you do.)

Paula Phillips said...

What an inspiring post!! Your newest pages are stunning. :)
Much Love

somepinkflowers said...

i came back
to read this sentence again--->

'''I should be out
photographing the baby goats
for you '''


that sentence ALONE
just makes me smile!

i don't know why,
but it does...

{{ this coming from someone
who photographs COWS, mind you }}

when you said you loved to iron paper
i was beside myself with JOY!

Me Too...

i love saving
~~lovely gift wrap paper~~
just so i can iron it
and save it.

was thinking
i needed a 12 step program,
now thinking,
maybe not!

Sharon Lovejoy said...

Love this post. Isn't it amazing how your spirit soars when you're surrounded by creative friends.

The Pablo Picasso quote is great.

All joys and HEALTH,

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

Marit said...

Happy, happy birthday Judy! (don't know the exact date, but it's somehow around now....) What a great pages and inspiration I find on your blog again!!! Thanks so much! Hope you had a lovely weekend, and I'm off to check that book you showed...

Blu said...

Beautiful work, i love to see what some can do with their art journals, my everyday stuff is honest and more like a sketchbook. My art journal is fun and a bit mad.

Very nice blog. best wishes Blu.

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

What a whole bunch of 'Gorgeous' things! So much inspiration in one post. I love the wallpaper collages and the jewelry is just wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

Mary Ann said...

dear katie has stitched up such a love offering there. perfect to line your nest with and burrow under on a dark stormy night.