Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Art & Soul Stencil & Printing

Here are just a few of the stencil self portraits that came out of the classroom. I was so busy running inside and out that I missed photographing some wonderful work.

After we prepared our collages and sprayed our stencils we finished with a coat of encaustic medium. This kept us pretty busy as you can imagine.

Plus cutting the stencils. So many decisions.

I'm going to try to do some of these techniques with misters instead of the toxic paint in a can. The fumes are really something.

But oh, the beauty of that opaque black paint is hard to beat.

Then I taught a class where we made nature prints with brayers, cut rubber stamps, pulled prints from gelatin, made masks and more. Another busy day with lots of physical movement about the room.

We printed papers to use in our journals and for other projects using feathers, leaves and masks that we made ourselves.

We pulled monoprints.

Made prints in positive and negative from the masks we made.

Tried various water-based inks including Akua, Speedball and Createx.

For the gelatin prints we used acrylic paint. Primary colors plus black.

Here are some of the results.

It was fun.

And exhausting.

After the students left three young men came in who worked for the hotel and showed great interest in what we had been doing all day. They hardly looked older than high school students and my heart went out to them, laboring at mundane jobs just as I had been at their age. The first question they asked was if you had to go to college to be an artist. (My answer was no, just do it.) Then they wanted thorough explanations of how the prints were made and asked to look through my journals. Finally their boss came in and I was afraid I'd gotten them into trouble but he was interested too and had his own litany of questions. Finally he took my hand-out which I offered and made prints for the boys and himself so that they could have the recipe for the gelatin and directions for making the prints.

Once again I reflect on the pull art has on all of us. That these workmen were fascinated by the process and loved the beauty of the colors spread out on the trays before them. Art is innate. Art is a joyful dance. Everyone loves to push around color, to play and make beauty. Sometimes I feel like I am at the intersection between human beings and something transcendent. There is magic in making art. This is the magic I love to share.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I would love to learn how to do this! Do you make your handouts available? Do you plan on teaching on the east coast anytime?

liz elayne lamoreux said...

judy, your students (the people who cross your path who become your students) are so blessed to have you as their teacher.
this i know to be true.


Kim Mailhot said...

What glorious work/play ! Love the silhouettes in the prints and of course those stencils from photos - so amazing.
I truly believe we are at that crossroads, Julie, and the magic is in us - art is our way of bringing it into the world. That is why is feels so right to share it !
Big love to you. Rest now, Teacher-Lady.

EE said...

WOW - This was so awsome to see and read. I would love to know how you do this Stencil art and gelatin prints - is this something I could do with my grandson?

I was touched at how you took time with the hotel employees. Traveling a lot in my job, I always try and be very aware these folks. It really hurts my heart to see people take advantage of Hotel staff. Thanks Judy for this great post.

And so it goes... said...

There you go again,Judy! Elevating the lives of others thru your genuine love of creating! I do think people are drawn to your openness, finding you delightfully approachable...your love of art infectious... You truly do have a special gift! And what's this about a book deal??? Yippee! My fingers are crossed... deb/debbie/debra

Deb's Artful Journey said...

The story with the hotel employees really touched my heart. Thank you for giving them all that you could and sharing it with us. You are a gifted teacher!

Tara Finlay said...

Judy, what a heartwarming story, it brought tears to my eyes. I hope those boys go out and make some art.
Your new workshops look great. I'd love to take the print you have a mailing list that you send out for where and when you are doing workshops?

Lynn said...

The art is wonderful The best part of the story is your sharing with the young men who showed an interest. I do hope they went home and tried something arty and that you inspired them to do so again and again. What a blessing to pass this process on to others, especially catching them off guard...those who came across you by chance this way...I am so touched by this...more reason to sit on street corners and make our art like musicians playing their guitars. Lets turn the whole world on to this possiblity. What a peaceful place it would be to live in then.

Anonymous said...

You are an amazing person! And I have never even 'met' you, lol. A previous commenter asked when you were coming to the east coast - so, yeah? When??? I would love to learn how you make your stencils ... and I would love to do encaustic work and and and .... etc, etc!
Oh, if you come to the east coast, make it to North Carolina!!! Hint, hint!

Seth said...

Love that story about the workers. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

I love the story of the workers - what a gift, both for them in being introduced (maybe for the first time) to art AND for you being reminded of the way it connects us to something higher. Thanks so much for sharing!!

PCarriker said...

Amazing pages, love, love, love them! Wonderful, touching story.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I keep saying it: Women artists should rule the world!
Love your spirit.

Paula Bogdan said...

I love this! The fact that they even approached you says wonderful things about you. I love that you were so ready and willing to share. I think you gave those boys a great deal of hope along with your directions!

misty said...

hello judy, as always it was really nice to see you last week. thanks for posting the photo of me & jen... the only photos i have of you from this time might worry a few out there...since you have 3 eyes, ;) but i love them just the same. next time we all get together maybe we can make more silly videos.

oooh and your students made amazing work... someday i would love to be one of them! i love how you share all of their work here. bravo!

Julie said...

All of the class work in these posts is awesome...but I especially love how you took the time to talk to the hotel employees...answer their questions and provide the handout. What a great feeling this post has left me with!

pancho villa said...

dogoneit there you go again judy spreading that special something you have around. love your dear students work - just gorgeous, rich, mmmmm. and those boys...sigh. little boy energy and big boy energy is so good!!! what a great boss man!


MB Shaw said...

I love your story about the workers at the hotel. You are an Ambassador for art :-) and I mean that is the best possibly way. To reach out and touch someone not even involved in the class is truly special. xoxo

Judy said...

it all looks wonderful. lucky students

Tina said...

oh miss judy...I wanted to thank you again for the fun i had in your stencil class...It was a real treat and you are such a made class fun. hope to see you again soon...

dewatobay said...

Drats - I wish I had stayed after class! Teaching others is such a gift - such pleasure!
Being a student - well, sometimes frustrating! I learned lots - thank you.