Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Art & Soul Doll Class

My goodness this class was fun. And a learning experience for me too as this was the first time I taught it. I'll just show photos for the most part as I am not unpacked and have much to catch up on here at home. The dolls in the photos are in various stages of coming to life.

Love the wires ... will she attach beads, feathers, paint them or leave them? She can't go wrong.

This guy reminds me of Archie the comic book guy. Can't remember his last name.

What a sweet face on this one.

Align CenterThis is Grandma and her grandchild. The baby will go in a backpack.

This one was really TALL. Love the big shoes and skinny legs.

Some people are getting ready for Halloween. Iridescent green on her face.

A girl who is temporarily in a yoga pose. With a crow in a nest on her head.

This quirky girl made me smile a lot.

She's all buttons and bows.

Stripes and dots and my favorite green.

Little pink roses and a cheesecloth skirt. Yum yum.

A pixie with incredible hands and a beautiful face.

Here she is in her clothing.

Love the facial expressions.

Miss Haversham. Waiting in tatters for her groom to arrive.

A french can can dancer. With a luscious decolletage.

The torso girl with her legs.

Wonderful expression and expressive "hands".

My, what a pretty dress.

I wish I had time to share all the stories behind the dolls but I can tell you that the room was filled with laughter and I think it was one of the most fun classes I've ever taught. I really loved seeing all the great ideas that came forth.

Here's a little bonus photo of Misty and Jen Goff. Jen taught her first class at Art and Soul and I visited the room on the evening she was preparing for her students. She'd created a wonderful environment with candles glowing, music playing softly and beautiful bowls of herbs and ingredients to be made into health affirming body care potions. There were soft pillows and silky throws on the floor; the room was a welcome respite from the jangle outside the door. It was beautiful to be part of Jen's first teaching experience and I wish her well in all her endeavors. She is an incredible new talent.

Next up: the Stencil and Print classes. I'll save the wax class for last.

PS - I slept for 12 hours last night and it was grand. My world has expanded once again after dancing with new friends and absorbing new energies. Thank you to every one who crossed my path. I wish you well.

PPS - If I missed photographing your doll please forward a photo to me and I will post it. In counting the photos I see I have missed some but I didn't mean to. Thanks.


anna maria said...

Looks like it was a LOT of fun with great results.

MB Shaw said...

Fun work, I imagine this was a great class, you dynamo. Also loved that picture of you as a young mother (in your last post). You said you had nothing going for you except your youth.....not true my dear, you also were beautiful, both externally and internally (I feel sure!). xoxo

carol in ca said...

Oh, Judy. I can't wait to take your doll class in las vegas next february. seeing these lovely creations makes me wish it was sooner. you are such a great teacher!

Kristeena Crabb said...

These are absolutely delightful! Congratulations on a successful class!

femminismo said...

I see your influence in these lovely dolls - people, really, with great stories to live out, I'm sure! Love Miss Haversham. Is it "Miss"? Lucky students to get to complete dolls with you!

julie king said...

what a wonderfully creative sampling of dolls!! i'm envious and want to get in on one of these classes soon. if only i could retire. hee hee

Isabel said...

Now that is a class I would love to take. And all these beautiful dolls full of stories to tell. What a testament to the possibility of our imagination!

Anonymous said...

Fab dolls, so amazing what people can
do and where the ideas come from in their imagination.

Great will need to do
one out here on the east coast.



Lynn Cohen said...

What a lot of talented artists you attract! Wow, what beautiful dolls they made in such detail with such feeling! Wow.

Tara's Art Camp said...

these are so wonderful, thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

katie said...

fabulous creatures all.....

BJ Lantz said...

Hello Sistah ~ My first thought, disillusioned idealist that I am, was "That looks like it was fun, but I probably wouldn't like doing that." Then I thought "Of course you would, silly!" I rule out nothing anymore! Maybe I'll get a chance to take one of these classes with you some day :-)

June Pfaff Daley said...

These are incredible! I am so excited to take this class in Vegas...and so thankful I signed up early enough to get a spot!

Laurel said...

Wow. I was SO upset that I had to bow out of your class. The dolls are truly amazing.

Dayna Collins said...

The dolls are breathtaking!

Deryn Mentock said...

Just looking over your student's work at A& wonderful it all is! You're classes must have been fabulous. It was so great to see you again, Judy!

Karla said...

oh those dolls are incredibly beautiful! I hope I can take a class with you soon!!