Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sister to Sister

The other day I received a book in the mail from a student that I met in Arizona named Mary Fisher. That's her in the round glasses above, exactly as she looked sitting in the front row of my journaling class. Mary is a good example of the outstanding human beings among us who turn their superpowers toward the light. Specifically, she has been working to help women in Africa who have discovered they have Aids to find a way to provide for themselves and their children. Imagine for a moment how it would feel to look at your hungry children and to have to choose between needed antiviral medicine and food.

Mary can tell you the story of her journey far better than I can summarize it; please go to her website and see if you have it in your heart to purchase some of the jewelry these women are making to support themselves. Each piece of jewelry is signed by the artist and here you can go to see who the artist was and to read their story and see what they look like. Really a sister to sister connection.

Something about this story just spoke to me. Perhaps you will feel the urge to do what you can too. xo


femminismo said...

Thank you, Judy, so much for this information and link! You are an angel too.

Kelly Kilmer said...


Abataka is a TREASURE. One of my faves.

Thank you for posting this, Judy!

Angie in AZ said...

Judy, Thank you for posting this! Mary was in my class as a student and I didn't even know any of this! She has a powerful voice, not just with words but her artwork really speaks raw, from her heart. I'm so in love with her fiber work! I just sent her link to a friend who is starting an HIV ministry at my church. I really appreciate your sharing this!

Meri said...

Thanks, Judy. I ordered the Amazonite bracelet this morning. Mary's work fits in perfectly with my blog post today on aligning resources and soul purpose. (p.s. I'll try to remember to bring photos of my Michelle Y. Williams pieces to your class at Art & Soul).

sharon said...

Oh, Judy, I sat in several classes with her and had NO idea! Thank you for posting this.

Ro Bruhn said...

What a lovely lady, thanks for the link Judy.

Goddess Leonie said...

This is just SO beautiful... thank you so much for following your heart and sharing, dearest judy!

Karen Cole said...

Yes, life is not always beautiful art and margaritas. Thanks for the very thoughtful post. I know others that are involved in similar programs.

Looking forward to meeting the 3-D Judy at Squam.

Susan Tuttle said...

that is an amazing story -- thank you so much for sharing this dear Judy!

Sounds like you have had an incredible summer!:)

Much Love,