Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Santa Fe Love Affair

One week ago today John and I boarded a plane that eventually delivered us to the home of his sister and her husband in Colorado. For the third time we all gathered for a road trip to Santa Fe in time for the Indian Market.

So first allow me to introduce our cast of characters. John of course you know. His sister Judy E. is in the photo above. She (among other things) actually cooks out of the Julia Child cookbook. (yum!)

Her husband Jack you may have met on his blog, The Galloping Goose. He has also written about our trip there. He is a wonderful oil painter and does drawings that actually look like the things he means to draw.

Christine is John's niece and she lives near her mother in Denver with her husband Rick. She is a fiber artist.

Rick is about the smartest guy on the planet. He's got me schooled up on Woot (has an iPhone app), Edward Tufte, Snaptel and Evermore (both iPhone apps). My projects for the next few months.

So the three units of two manned three vehicles and tooled south through the high mountains until we reached Santa Fe.

There was a lot to see on the seven hour drive.

Most of the time we were at elevations of over a mile high. Santa Fe is around 7000 ft. elevation. The thin air has an extraordinary effect on one's body; you feel sort of stoned all the time.

You see things in a different light. For one thing the sky is so blue you can hardly believe it.

And for another the clouds are blindingly bright, white and near you. So opposite of Oregon.

The first night we tucked into our favorite haunt, Marias. Here you can choose between hundreds of kinds of tequilas and agave liquors. The food is classic New Mexican style Mexican. We love it.

The next day we hit Canyon Road with great vigor. Oh, the profusion of good art is nearly overwhelming. This is where you come to learn, to see, to enjoy.

I'm standing in front of my favorite find of this year; a painting by Don Quade. I love love love his work. You can enjoy the work at the link and see if it appeals to you.

Me me me. Well, it's my blog. ;-)

This work is by Michelle Y. Williams and it is an abstract on metal framed cleverly between two sheets of acrylic held by copper bolts.

I purchased one of her pieces although not one of the two pictured here. Yum yum.

I'm forgetting to mention here that a number of these shots were taken by either Jack or Rick. Jack caught me in this one running away from the monkey.

Pomegranate Margaritas were the drink of the trip. At that altitude it only takes one.

Rick shot this beauty.

About 5 minutes after John took this shot the clouds burst forth with a fragrant, cooling rain. We were at the Folk Art Museum.

On the drive back John and I stopped at this small hotel in Taos where we once spent a week in the early 90's. We were glad to see that the giant cottonwoods still shaded the patio and that all was as we remembered.

Driving back to Colorado.

A reader asked what my traveling art kit contained so I shot a photo for you. I love being able to see into the pouch so I know if what I need is there. I carry pens, a date stamp, a set of hand carved numbers in a tiny mint tin, 2 small rubber stamp pads, a glue stick and scissors.

On our last morning I journaled and we ate at Judy E.'s house; flautas, sweet melon and salad. The pot in the photo is a Hopi treasure that Judy bought at the market. She has a collection of Hopi pots; she is the one among us who collects while in Santa Fe.

Last night we returned to Portland, full of memories and glad to be home.

Here is my portrait for Self Portrait Wednesday. For once I unpacked my bag immediately; now to catch up with friends and family. Vaya con Dios.


Sheila said...

Drooling with envy here...

Sounds like a fabulous trip - thanks for sharing it.

Jean said...

I haven't been to Santa Fe for years. Your photos and descriptions make me want to book a flight RIGHT NOW!!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Lynn said...

I have yet to do the southern part of the US of A. And Sante Fe New Mexico is high on my lists of want to dos. Love that photo of all the gas tanks...your comments on the effects of the altlitude... ;-)...
all the art seen and collected...your art you you...
cause it's YOUR blog! Fun, and lovely family.

femminismo said...

Well, must go to Santa Fe again. thanks for sharing your trip with us. the art looks wonderful, along with your traveling journal.

anna maria said...

Wow, what a fantastic trip with all the good stuff packed into it.
I've got to get to Santa Fe some day!
Beautiful self portrait.

Jack Ekstrom said...

Cool, man, nifty pictures, what a trip! Thanks, Judy, what a good time you showed us, we feel so relaxed and happy. And I'm fired up, at least I got inspired, which was what I wanted to do on that trip. You guys look great, and are such good company!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Ooooh Judy, what a wonderful trip you had! This post made me feel like I was there with you sipping on one of those pomegranate margaritas and eating "real" Mexican cuisine. yum yum yum.

I'm going to check out Don Quade's work as well as Michelle Williams. Love what I see here!

Thanks for taking us along for the ride :)

Gwen said...

Hi Judy! Loved your photos, we went to Santa Fe in June, and I recognized many of your photos, esp. those on the road down from Taos, where we also went. I also loved the margaritas, but forgot about the altitude, and had two, so it was an interesting walk back to out hotel...

I can't wait to go back, I love NM!!

Ocean Lotus said...

it appears that you have kindred spirits in your sister in law and niece-in-law (?) so fun. it all looks so different than FL!!

And so it goes... said...

If I can't attend Indian Market in person, what better way than vicariously thru Judy! Thanks for the trip...I enjoyed every second! Love the art, the food, the "Judy" shots...all fantastic... (Having just seen the movie, "Julie & Julia", I'm doubly impressed with someone who actually cooks from the Julia Child cookbook! Kudos to your sister-in-law!) xoxodeb/debbie/debra

Jeneve said...

Art - Food - Sky! Loved the recap - Santa Fe is one of my faves. Now I'm dreaming about the Shed's red and green chili sauce. Also, a private soak at Ten Thousand Waves - worth the time and money - pure bliss.

Dawn E. Shepherd said...

Judy-I am so happy you found out about Edward Tufte. I had the pleasure of listening to him speak while he was in Seattle several (more like 10) years ago. A very interesting man. His books are a source of great inspiration to me as his focus is on presenting information and numbers. Here's his web site in case you haven't seen it yet:
Looking forward to seeing you again soon -I'll tell you all about my forthcoming adventure (honeymoon) in Australia! hugs to you my friend,

Dawn E. Shepherd

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy: glad you are back from your wonderful trip to the Southwest - you were missed : ) we too are pilgramiging (?) to SantaFe and Taos in a few weeks, love, love, love it there. We will be celebrating our 20 years together, we were married at the San Geronimo Lodge in Taos, it is a very special place. I am sooo happy to see the pic's you shared, is that the Adobe Wall Motel on Kit Carson ?? looooks sooo familiar, ha : ) thanks sooo much for sharing your fabulous time in NewMexico and welcome home !!!!!
Blessings, Sandra in AZ

Meri said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Michelle Y. Williams. I bought two of her pieces earlier this year. And then I wrote her and promised her they'd have a good home. She wrote back and said that it always makes her happy to know where her pieces have gone. My pieces are of the size pictured; I found a huge canvas I loved but don't have a wall for, so I longingly let it go, thought I go to the gallery website to visit every once in a while.

Laurel said...

I love that giant monkey! Although he is pretty creepy at the same time...

Linda said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Santa Fe. I go to Albuquerque about every 3 months to visit my mother and daughter but I rarely make it to Santa Fe. I'd love to go back to visit the galleries.

Great Photos but you made me hungry for NM chili. I crave that stuff.
Thanks for letting me live vicariously.

Sharon said...

My heart resides in Santa Fe,but it is Houston where I can earn a living....thanx for the link to Michelle's art. Since she's here in my hometown, I'm able to check out her pieces in person. Hope someday I can take a workshop with you.

bridgette said...

hi judy, i love santa fe too. i can't wait to one day go there with matt and share the magic of New Mexico with him. It's my second favorite place, other than the Pacific Northwest- a different kind of magical place for me.
Thanks for your last comment! :) I am pretty excited and looking forward to the addition.

Jan said...

Judy, you seem to be having a lot of fun with your new camera! Great photos. Thanks for sharing.

Gypsy said...

Oh what a fab trip! I love all your photos! Especially the one with the blue shutters!!! I might have to paint that!

What a great time you took me on this morning! I miss you and I still adore you!!!!
Hugs and love to you-Gypsy

Judy said...

Loved this post but the one liner was so you and thats why I adore u, "its my blog"!!!!
And so it is, good on you, I say... great story telling.

Candace said...

oh Judy, what a lovely treasure you have shared. I can't say which shot or such is my favourite, you have given me so many to choose from.
And then I see the last photo and see that girl... I think it might be that one. (Altho that gas station with all those pumps runs a mighty close second!)
Candace in Athensx

MB Shaw said...

Wonderful post, what a faboo trip this must have been. I especially enjoyed seeing the art of Don Quade and oh my oh my would I love to see *that* in person, so similar to where my art seems to be at the moment - all the circles keep me spinning, tee, hee. And the pieces between plexi just rock too. Seeing work of new artists is so much fun, isn't it?
You can be my tour guide any ole time!!!

Liesel Lund said...

The folk museum was my favorite-such a colorful riot of texture and creativity that it just kept me smiling from end to end!! Thanks for your beautiful photos! So glad you had a good trip!