Wednesday, June 03, 2009

SP Wednesday Garden

I'm procrastinating; I admit it. Spring fever has hit me hard so that all I want to do is poke around with my camera and enjoy the sunshine. So here is a long self-portrait post, starting with sandaled feet, happy feet, unfettered toes and painted toenails. Summer. Watermelon. Life smiles again.

This is the bench I stood on to take the self portrait. I stumbled across a flicker site where people take pictures of themselves standing on things and it sounded fun. It was.

The hissing of summer lawns.

In the background is the corn that John and I planted the day before we left for Asilomar. That's how much it grew in a week. (we planted small plants, not seeds)

This is how big the corn was when we left. John is digging perfect holes to plant in. I don't help him with this because our methods of gardening are opposite. I heel things in and go la-de-da about my business while he actually gardens.

The fava beans are getting tall.

This is the broadfork that John uses to aerate the soil. That helps all the little soil helpers breathe better. It introduces oxygen without disturbing the micro life.

And now for the annual rose tour. I can't resist. They are so beautiful that I can't stay away from them. This is Buff Beauty, a hybrid musk. It is a languorous, sultry girl.

Cecile Brunner, the house eater. It want to grow to the moon and mine blooms through November. Very fragrant and the tiny buds look exquisite attached to the bow of a gift.

My little pink mini with a daddy long legs enjoying the view. I don't know the name of it; it was a gift.

Golden Showers. The blossoms are ephemeral, only lasting a day but they make up for it in quantity and fragrance.

Dainty Bess, fragrant and butterfly like; this one peeks in at me through the studio window.

The grape irises are spent now but this is what they looked like about a week ago.

Katherine, another climber that wants a good fence to recline upon. The bees love her and I do too.

Oops, how did this peony slip in here? This is flame, whose petals elongate as the days pass.
They start as cups but end as tall vase-shaped blossoms.

The moss rose that Craig gave me. Craig, are you reading this? Look how happy she is, spreading her resinous scent far and away.

Golden Showers again. I do love her, despite her faults. Like people, sometimes the beauty outweighs the shortcomings.

Siberian Iris. Come and dig it up. We have it growing in too many places now and need to share it.

This beloved rose was given to me by Sky, my friend of many years. I love flowers that have associations with friends.

The Purloined Rose will close this tour. She has climbed 20 feet into the surrounding trees and has thousands of blooms that are fragrant and perfect. I don't know the real name but I think she is a common mongrel; fabulous in her vigor and beauty.

*sigh* The world in all its shimmering, changing, consoling beauty. How can we encompass it all or begin to express our love for its gifts?

I'm really off to the studio now. Going to mix up some plaster, going to use stencils and molds and paints and wax on it. Will have a show and tell next time.


Lara said...

Exquisite self portrait, photos, and garden! Your blog makes me want to roll around in the grass and run through it barefoot :)

Paper Wings said...

ahh. mmm. is all i have to say.

Poetic Artist said...

Found your blog and beautiful garden and now I will have to get my camera and stand on something to catch a shot..Thank you for the inspiration.

femminismo said...

It's self-portrait Wednesday, isn't it? I'd better get the camera. And now I don't feel as bad. I post so many flowers I thought maybe my blog should be on gardening and not "purport" to be on art journals. You and John are real gardeners. You folks really live off the land. What a wonderful feeling to nurture and coax and eat such freshness! I can't wait for our beans! - Jeanne

jenica said...

i love that difference in gardening styles. i'm much more of a plant it and go, my husband is meticulous. i grow babies, he grows plants. it works. ;-D

misty said...

life smiles again.... from here it looks like your life is not only smiling, but laughing & dancing & pouring out joy in flowers....
i am so procrastinating lately.... i just want to sit and watch the clouds change shape...but today it's overcast so there isn't much to see, so i suppose i need to get busy.

Shelly said...

Hi Judy -
It was nice to speak with you opening night at Asilomar (we talked about encaustics and the trip we both will be taking to Australia in March 2010).
Your students look joyous in the prior post and their work is fantastic !! Asilomar was magical.
Gorgeous, gorgeous rose garden you have. You speak of them so lovingly and they reward you with great beauty.
All the best,

Paula McNamee said...

Hi Judy, Thanks for your garden tour. Your roses are gorgeous and John sure has a green thumb. Hope all goes well for your sister, Paula

dewatobay said...

Ah - the northwest's cool, wet spring has produced some lucious beauties.
IMHO The best plants are the ones that were gifts from friends.

anna maria said...

Ah, your hubby grows beautiful vegetables! And the roses! At every photo I said "this is the best", then "no, this is the best"...

Nancy Natale said...

Hi Judy,
I loved your rose photos and I can see we have the same taste in them because I also have had Buff Beauty, Golden Showers and Dainty Bess in a prior garden. I've given up roses now but the birds still bring in wild ones with just five pink petals in blooms that last only a day. The fragrance is heavenly. Ah, nature!