Monday, June 01, 2009

Saying Good-bye to Asilomar

It's true; 2 posts in one day. I want to share the last of my photos with you before I move myself into the studio for some serious plaster play. This class, which was held on the first day of the retreat, was titled "Stencil Your Family" and that's what we did. Students sent me their photos ahead of time and I stencilized them, then we cut, collaged and waxed over our creations.

We had lots of family members, past and present and some that were borrowed for the occasion.

We had ooh la la nudes and movie poster lovers that were actual relations.

We had children in their best cowboy clothes. (Marian, I'll mail your proof to you if you contact me. It was left behind.)

We had bodacious sweethearts and blonde bombshells.

Grafitti inspired images in bold colors.

And a twin set for girlfriends to divide.

Children from photographs taken long ago that we wove into our creations.

Charlie Chaplin with the Art & Soul guitar logo and the face of a shy nephew.

A long distance runner with a bright future.

And a self portrait.

These charming images need to be clicked on for closer scrutiny. They are all wonderful. Again, sorry if I missed any; I always do my best to get them all.

I hope Stephanie won't mind that I share this beautiful photo of mommy and daughter. Melissa is 12 years old; that age of being squarely in the middle of child and adulthood. Don't you think she's the spittin' image of her beautiful mother? It was poignant to be around young daughters again. I loved it.

From Asilomar we drove up Highway 1, across the Golden Gate Bridge and to the house of our friends that you've met before on several travels to Mexico.

I couldn't decide which of two pictures of them to post. Do you like this one?

Or this one?
hee hee.


femminismo said...

The stencilization is terrific. Oh those wonderful colors and the wax, the wax! I love your friends and I like the second picture. They look like medicine for the soul, such goofs! You've had fun again, Judy, and spread your famous creativity! Stencils, I must make stencils. - Jeanne

Donna Heart said...

aahJudy - I would so love to be a student in some of your classes! but alas - am not planning a trip to the us at all soon... i can only look on in envy as I see all these wonderful creations... living in a remote town doesn't offer much in the way of art classes! these stencil creations are wonderful - so personal and original. i can see why you had such a ball! i love reading your posts - thanks for sharing your creative spirit around the globe!
ps - i finally completed my art journal - inspired by your own a couple of months back which is on my blog if you want to take a peek!

Candace said...

I like both! Such wonderful folks here in this post, both before, during and after the classes... thanks again for sharing with us. I appreciate it more than you know!
Take good care.
Candace in Athens. x

donna said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stencilfest! They ALL came out so great! I bet that class was a blast.

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Wow, what a time everyone had! I can feel the energy and excitement coming through. The stenciling of family members is a great idea.

Stephanie Lee said...

Just LOOK at those amazing results!! A sign of an excellent teacher AND talented students!! What a winning combination!

And, no, I don't mind the picture. Melissa is light enough (if I do say so myself) to make up enough for the tired eyes next to her. Yes, daughters are powerful mirrors and when I look at you and hear your stories of raising two daughters who turned out just fine in spite of your shortcomings, I have hope. Deep, profound, honest, forgiving hope. If there is no other reason for me to be grateful I know you, this alone would be enough.