Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Valley Ridge

Spring came to Valley Ridge just in time to welcome myself and 15 incredible women. Wisconsin cleared up my hayfever as long as I was there and I felt marvelous. Sunny, magnificent scenic beauty, red-winged blackbirds and two days of happiness. What a wonderful experience it was for all of us. This one goes up there with the best places I've visited.

Here are my hosts, Bill and Kathy Malkasian, preparing pot stickers for our evening repast. They treated me like a duchess.

Can you taste it? Sorry I didn't get a photo of the Gimlets that accompanied the pot stickers. Very nice. Almost too nice.

Kathy has great photographs of the students and work here at her Facebook site. (And more here.) There are also 2 videos; one of me demonstrating the amber shellac on wax technique and one of Michelle, a student, describing the work she accomplished. One of my cameras bit the dust halfway through the 2-day workshop and now my main computer is on its last leg so for the first time I'm posting this from my laptop and it's really clumsy.

Let me know if you get to Kathy's site and if you are able to view all the student work. It was phenomenal and everyone accomplished so much.

Valley Ridge is a jewel; Kathy gets such good teachers to come there and then treats the students so wonderfully, providing lovely food, small classes and a beautiful studio in which to work. I just sigh whenever my thoughts turn to my days there.

The beauty of my job are the people I meet - the hard part is saying good-bye to new friends with whom you so easily connect. As I sit here picturing your dear faces I send out a blessing and love to you and I thank you for making me feel so welcomed and fulfilled. It was heaven and you did excellent work. I just know there's going to be some more serious encaustic artists in the world now. xo.


Candace said...

Oh Judy, thank you so much for this whirlwind tour of Wisconsin's Art Shenanigans. I have indeed gone to the sites mentioned to see the work as well as had just seen the video and wow. Humbling, indeed, and yet so exhilarating!
I would have hated leaving...
Candace x

Janine said...

Well I swore I would not jump onto the Facebook or Twitter wagon so I missed the photos! Maybe next time!

Vittoria Bella said...

Thank you so much, Judy for a wonderful class - it was a terrific weekend for us students, as well - your creativity and nurturing manner allowed us to blossom.

rebecca said...

welcome home...
cannot wait to see what direction your passion will lead you next.

sarajane said...

Agreeing with Cindy. Your gentle spirit really let us all soar to new creative heights this past weekend. I don't often use the word "magical", but I think in this case, it truly applies. Thank you Judy!

(damar crystals already on order!)

Sara K

And so it goes... said...

Judy, Judy, are a true treasure! Your generous spirit, creative heart, and engaging humor made for an unforgettable experience! You truly are remarkable! The art you spurred us to create was amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us... Can't wait to take another "Judy" class in the future!
Deb (Debbie...Debra...whatever...)

Janny said...

Thanks for sharing, this is great!
I wish I could be participating;o)
I can not watch the video you have to be a member of faacebook.

Lynn Fisher said...

Judy, you were an inspration. I had TONS of fun and went home with many new ideas to try on my own. Thank you for the wonderful class.

Anonymous said...

Hey Judy,
Loved reading about your experience here at Valley Ridge. We sure do miss you. Also, for those interested in seeing more photos that don't belong to facebook, I have them posted on our web site as well. They can click on:
xoxo Kathy