Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Doing the Quick Step

First self-portrait Wednesday. Dreaming, sleeping, enjoying the moment. Actually working down my list, loving the preparations for travelling to teach and thinking about what Valley Ridge will be like. I love new experiences and first-times.

On Sunday I went to a poetry workshop with the wonderful author, Susan Wooldridge. She can get poetry out of a rock. I had a wonderful experience there.

The workshop was held at Innerstandings so the experience was intimate and friendly. We all got to know each other and really listen to what was being said.

Thought I'd throw in a photo of my recent wax medium making project. Some of these blocks will travel with me to Wisconsin tomorrow for my workshop there.

This is what my studio looks like this morning after the packing, shipping and tearing around that has occupied me for the past few days. It never gets back to square one anymore.

Journal pages. My blah blah blah that keeps my wheels turning, keeps me on track and inspired, gives me a place to reflect on the kind of energy I'm creating and the kind of world I want.

I really believe every single person matters when it comes to creating a kinder world where we all can succeed. When I think an unkind thought, it matters. I observe myself here. This is where I meditate, talk with my muse, discover my sticking points.

I'm trying to limit my blog posts to once a week but so far have not been successful at that. Every new habit though starts with an intention and I want to make room in my life for a new project that I will enjoy. The energy for it is building in secrecy. My little big dream.

I'm going to cut back next year on teaching too I think. I'm really beginning to appreciate how it cuts into my time in the studio and my 8 year old inner artist is jealous and wants time to play. So okay, little miss I-gotta-paint. You'll get your way and that's as it should be.

Ripped this image off of the Ffffound site and wanted to share it here because this is how I feel about YOU. xo


Meri said...

Oh poop! I need to get better connected because I can think of nothing more fun that to have done a poetry workshop with that poet-goddess Susan! And Portland isn't that far a drive.

Kelly Kilmer said...

AHHHHHHH The cat made me smile!! The whole post made me smile but the cat just cracked me up!
I love when you share your pages, your art space, and the goings on in your life!!! Thank you so much for it!!!

Kim Mailhot said...

This whole post is a lovely self-portrait today, Judy. I love that you are giving into your 8 year old Miss I-gotta-paint. Sounds like she has some very valid needs that need addressing ! Not to mention that what she needs will be such great fun to fulfill !

Here's to Painting Play !

♥ milliande said...

ohh funny selfportrait today is almost identical to yours ..i love synchronicities ... enjyed taking a peek at your day
♥ milliande

katie said...

i'm loving all the napping you doing, nap-on!!!

have a fabulous time at VR - be thinking of you there. xox

DJ said...

Lovely post. Your wisdom shines through every word.
Can your inner child artist come out to play with mine one day?
The cat pic is heart-stopping and soul-revealing.
Enjoy your workshop and then rest!
Love & Laughter

Candace said...

Wow, Kitty Boy is in LOVE with that Fffffound cat of yours. Seriously.
So happy you had a good experience with the poetry workshop. And the wax... and the studio space. More fun headed your way!
Take good care,
Candace x

And so it goes... said...

You will LOVE Valley Ridge! Kathy & Bill are fantastic, the food is fabulous, the surroundings unbelievably calming and's perfect. Looking forward to learning from you! deb

Tequitia said...

cute kitty!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great post Judy, so much to see. I love looking into your studio, I think you would feel very much at home in mine. Your wax blocks look 'delicious'. Are they just pure beeswax or do they have damar added?
The little cat in the hat is so cute.

Chris said...

How great to be one of your students and look forward to that lovely studio! I am planning planning planning for next year.

I am liking your self-portraits!

Zippa Drippa Droni said...

i gotta know.
are the wax cakes edible?

Joy Logan said...

awwwwwwwwwww kitty kitty to you too!

Karen Cole said...

I say, blog every two weeks.....what the heck. You know we'll all be checking in to see all of your wonderful work and thoughts on life anyway. I think the journal pages are the way to go.....and a few classes here and there.

Hope the Valley Ridge class was wonderful.

rebecca said...

you are beautiful
while dreaming...
in waking..


Lynn Cohen said...

that cat is too cute.

Have fun in Wisconsin.

Love seeing your studio.


paperbird said...

Your studio is wonderful, a fun creative place is what I see.
I can't to meet you in August at Art Unraveled I will be the student sitting right up front so excited to learn from you :)

Tatieva said...

J'aime beaucoup ta page avec le couple rose et orange, trés spirituel dans l'esprit. Et ce petit chat, trop mimi !