Wednesday, April 08, 2009

More Artfest

Just a few more photos to share as the majority are at my flickr site. I swiped one of these photos off a friend's site and the rest were taken at random moments for blackmail purposes. Don't worry; you all look mah-velous.

This is the one I swiped off the Pookieville site, home of my friend Tyn Atol. This is Tyn, Kari and myself, reflecting the spirit of Artfest. Sweet, dreamy happiness. This was taken after a day of waxy goodness.

Misty and LK, taken the first night after introductions. Shortly after this they shared an arm wrestle - I'm not sure who won but Misty's sure looking fierce.

Stephanie, Katie and myself, mellow or maybe just exhausted after a day of classes.

Alex Shur joined us. She's a marvellous artist and will be teaching in June at Squam (New Hampshire) and in August at Art Unraveled in Phoenix. Her classes are highly recommended.

Sue Hadden isn't teaching yet but I'm working on her. She makes deliciously off-center paper clay beings.

Melissa Manley teaches classes in making objects, flowers, insects and jewelry out of gut. It is a fascinating material and the things I've seen made out of it are beautiful and strange.

This bug has wings made out of wire and gut and he looks real.

Mary Beth Shaw and Katie again. I've seen Mary Beth around for awhile and always admired her paintings but now that I've gotten to know her better I can testify to her quick humor and wonderful smile. She's FUN.

Bee and me. She's the woman with the best ideas. The organizer, instigator and revelator. She's so busy DOING things that she doesn't often post to her blog but then we love her anyway. The two of us are teaching a printmaking class this fall at Art and Soul and we're both super excited about it. She ain't heavy; she's my sister.

Forgive me, LK, I got carried away doodling on your photo before I found out that you can only back up so many steps in PhotoElements. So I left the doodle on; think of it as LK and her breath of life and creativity. She instigated so many wonderful conversations about juicy topics such as artists and self-portraiture and living in a small town. And I just liked this photo and wanted to share it.

The peach blossoms are glorious today; if we don't have a late freeze we'll have a bumper crop of juicy, fragrant peaches - I can almost taste them now.

Well, I'm off to the races as far as my schedule goes. I may slow down a bit on the blog posts to get it all in but I'll be here as often as time allows. Next task; catch up on e-mails. Bisous!


Candace said...

I cannot believe I'm came in first again... baby, place your bets!

These pix are so wonderful... I was hoping for the Melissa Manley courses. (I love bugs, real or faux.) What a sweet group and you are the sweetest for posting these Wild Women Adventures.
Take care and wow, those peach blossoms!!!
Candace in Athens

A.Smith said...
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A.Smith said...

Denise swore that after Melissa's class she would never eat sausages again, lol.

I told her that I hoped the casings were synthetic ones. I have worked with them before to make mini-Fortuny style lampshades (the synthetic ones) otherwise were it not because I do make sausages in the Kitchen-Aid with natural casings, methinks I would have sworn the same.

Our peach tree has not leafed out yet, but hoping. Are you sure we live in the same town? just saying...

Anonymous said...

oh Judy- missing you already.

Karen Cole said...

Looks like a grand time.

Stephanie Lee said...

If I weren't so distracted by the thought of juicy summer peaches...the same peaches that you eat while sitting on an overturned bucket, leaning over the grass so's not to soak your shoes in juice...the same peaches you eat when the light of summer is waning to that same peachy color...those peaches...well, if I weren't so distracted, I'd tell you how much I love what you've shared here. The pictures and light that is Artfest is evident and I love all the smiling faces. The beautiful, radiant, smiling faces!!! Seems you have a lot of those around you. People get in the Judy bubble and just can't help it. In fact, i want in right now!


Stephanie Lee said...

BTW, I'm so easily swooned by the peach's siren song, that I would be the crazy lady in the orchard tenting her trees and building little tiny fires underneath on nights that threaten frost. That's how much I love peaches. I think more than any fruit on earth, peaches. MMmmmmmmm.....

katie said...

you truly are the "documentor extraordinaire" - wonderful photos, bringing all those precious memories back to life. artfest is in a category all it's own, always will be. isn't life grand?!! xox

misty said...

the peach blossoms are so beautiful!!!
and all the artfest photos... i am loving them so much, thank you for sharing!!!
oh and i think lk won that time... ;-)

LK said...

I love you! Not only am I wearing the table cloth from my vendor table, I so need to brush my teeth! LOL

I miss you! xoxoxoxo

MB Shaw said...

It was *such* great fun hanging out. You guys had the best house (except for ours of course, tee, hee). Loved getting to know you better - you just ROCK darlin'. And your student work was amazing. Congrats!

Mary lin Huskamp said...

GREAT to see you again. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Ro Bruhn said...

Ah Judy looks like another great time was had by all. I actually got to meet Stephanie a few weeks ago when she came to teach on our shores, she's really lovely.

paperbird said...

i am really looking forward to taking one of your classes at art unraveled...

i am so excited :)

Judy said...

Love it all!

Chris said...



oh, jealous.

happy jealousy. you guys are awesome. inspiring of awe.