Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Artfest 2009

Here we are at Fort Worden, ready for another thrilling year of Artfest.

Somebody in our house had a Birthday on April 1st so the first night started off with a party.

The next morning found all of us spread out in the classrooms, making lots of projects and learning new skills.

Yummy paint and scissors and wax and excited conversations. New friends, old friends, excitement!

At the end of the day there were lovely encaustic art pieces, like this cake that was created by a woman who owns a bakery. Just gorgeous.

And this collage with stencilled on lace texture.

This collage with burned shellac and stacked images.

Buggy transfers onto wax and numbers and color.

Birds and flowers and sparkling gold foil transfer.

There are 50 more photographs at my Flickr account here. Wonderful work by talented artists.

It was gratifying to see the work that came out of the classroom. Everyone left with finished projects. The level of artistry was incredible.

Here's a great idea submitted by Jackie Wood for a crowded classroom. Stacking shelves. In this case holding her finished projects while she works on yet more. The shelves break down for easy transport home.

Two beautiful angels creating heaven out of thin air. How I love teaching and seeing these joyful smiles.

Quiet time back at the house; this photo taken early on the first morning when the day was new and promise hung in the air.

Thank you, students and friends. When I am teaching I feel in perfect harmony with the universe, as though it was the one role I was created to play. I'll expand a little in the following days.


Candace said...

Hooray! How I love reading about and seeing this work. Good idea about the stacking shelves. It's all lovely... and wow. That cake looks good enough to eat.
So glad you are back!

Allegra Smith said...

Welcome back and I hope you are well and healthy. Tonight we made pesto with John's garlic and Barry said something like "We should thank him if we ever see them again". Honestly.
So, here is thank you until we see you, the pesto was to die for, lol!

Jackie Wood said...

Thanks again Judy for a wonderful class. Love the smell of beeswax and making what I call "scratch & sniff" art! :-)

makehasteslowly said...

Looks like so much fun. How lucky all your students are to have such a great teacher!

Meri Arnett-Kremian said...

I was so bummed I didn't get my first choice class with you. Having done encaustic collage with you in Phoenix, I know what fun everyone had. The consolation is knowing that you'll be teaching at the Be Present workshop in June. Yippee!

Lynn said...

Beautiful work came out of your class...I love Port Townsend.
One day maybe I can be there too and learn from you! I'd like that.

Dreamcicle Journeys said...

Glad you had a great ArtFest experience. Your students' encaustic pieces are wonderful.
I missed seeing you there this year. Thanks for sharing.

misty said...

and how did you know carrot cake is my favorite!?!
thank you Judy!

Shawn Borror said...

it looks lovely and from your words you can tell how much teaching and sharing mean to you and your soul...that is a gift. welcome back.

Maija said...

I remember a few years ago Misty's first trip to Artfest, she was new and so very shy. At the end of the event, in the dining hall where everyone was gathered for show and tell, someone lead us in a rousing Happy Birthday song to Misty! She was so red she almost exploded!

lk moonwood said...

It was so fun being in your class, Judy, not only for the art, but for enjoying your wonderful spirit! I hope I'll be able to come back for more.
;D lulu

Deb's Artful Journey said...

Its fun to see your pictures. I have been to ArtFiberfest the little sister to AF. Thank you for sharing... I am hoping to see you at A&S. Amazing art work from your class.

aimee said...

these photos are marvelous! i need to get off the fence and on board for artfest one of these years. thanks for sharing!

Sheryl Cancellieri-Two Plums Paper said...

Hi Judy -

I sat in front of you in Michael deMeng's class. Please keep me posted on your future encaustic beeswax workshops as i didn't get in your class this round at Artfest. Hopefully next year! As always, your work is beautiful. P.S. I made the matchbox shrines with the little tokoyo girl and acorn with baby- the not so deMeng ones. ;) Sheryl

Danita said...

I'm so green with envy!! I wish I had been there too! It looks like so much fun!

Chris said...

Hey! could drown in how fun this looks. don't you love it? I love a good workshop experience!