Monday, March 09, 2009

San Miguel Part 2

I'm on day 2 of a nasty cold and still not caught up with e-mails. But for some reason I can post to my blog no matter how crummy I feel. Just don't ask me to talk; my voice is gone.

We probably walked 5 miles every day we were in San Miguel. If you've been there you'll be impressed to hear that I walked all the way home from the Botanical Garden on the hill in blazing sunshine and heat. It felt wonderful.

Of course an army cannot march on an empty stomach. Pictured above is a chili relleno, rice and guacamole.

Sangria for the thirst. In that heat there was much thirst.

This is Perfecta, the grandmother of some of the children from Pozos I've been showing you. She is a kind woman and very affectionate.

She cares for the children while their parents work a series of jobs.

These pictures remind me so much of growing up in Arizona. The clothes we wore to stay cool and the suntans we had year around.

Also the dusty, dry climate. We didn't know that of course. It was the only climate we knew.

I love these faces. Children are so new to life, inexperienced and hopeful. I only pray the parents can do everything possible to honor that hope and protect that innocence.

The citrus was blooming on Pepe's patio. A voluptuous fragrance that takes me back to the desert.

Gazpacho and quesadillas at the Botanical Garden up on the hill. Agua de Jamaica (hibiscus flower iced tea) to drink.

The long view over the lake. It was so hot that day - nearly 90 degrees.

Flowering cactus. So many in bloom this time of year.

Huevos Divorciados. Fried eggs over corn tortillas with red and green chili sauce for breakfast. Black beans, chips and cafe leche. Oh, yeah.

One day Memo took us up in the mountains to Santa Rosa where they make the best Mezcal flavored with citrus. It was very forested and beautiful there; several hours away from San Miguel.

Here I am at the "boys only" cantina hoisting a mid-day mezcal. Some of these cantinas have a trough at the base of the bar where the men stand and pee. Serious. This cantina had a cubicle by the front door with a toilet I didn't explore. My compadres and the time of day provided me with an unusual experience for a woman; I wouldn't do this at night.

Here are John and Memo exiting the cantina. It was a tiny place and I loved being able to see it. Very exotic.

Memo is a brilliant tin and metal worker who made the mirror in the shot above. He lives in San Miguel and will make you a mirror too I bet.

Judita and Ricardo at Patsy's place, drinking Margaritas and being happy. (I've known Ricardo since the 8th grade. We are friends for life.)

Now for the photos of Patsy's place. These that follow were taken in her main house.

Her red kitchen.

With the awesome stove that cooks all the dishes at once.

The door leading out to the patio.

The patio, looking in another direction.

The angel door knocker on the side door.

A big paper mache object that I fell in love with. The bright colors make me feel so happy.

A paper mache chicken on the kitchen table.

A grass and straw chicken. Soooo clever!!

The doll with a pretty face. There is something so gentle in her expression.

This is a Mexican folk craft that I saw several times. What they do is take a photograph and glue it onto a carved wooden frame so that the photo is 3-D. One I saw in a private home was carved out of a single piece of wood. This was a popular art form in the '40's.

Tender blossoms at the Botanical Garden. Love the subtle colors.

If you look closely you'll note that the boxers are made out of stones that have been glued together. Another one of Patsy's treasures that you can see at her house.

This is a typical enchilada plate. Four enchiladas, a chicken leg and thigh, potatoes and salad. Of course that comes with guacamole, chips and dessert. Not that I put on any weight. Not me. ;-)

Beautiful old dolls at the home of a wonderful collector there. This man's house was like a museum of the odd and fabulous. I hardly scratched the surface.

A hand made hinge that caught my eye. When you have time and simple materials there is a strong desire to make things beautiful.

I'll close this post with another object from the collector's stash. He had a number of these Memory Jugs that he explained were first made by slaves out of the bits they could collect and make into something beautiful. Of course it would appeal to me on so many levels; I brought back pottery shards and treasures that I'm considering making into my own Memory Jugs.

Well, my head is throbbing so I think I'll go lay down and rest some more. It helps me to revisit my photographs and share them with you. And I'm sure to be better in no time. Abrazos y besos.


Anonymous said...

These are such beautiful pictures...the first one makes me want to paint the neighborhood pronto.. LOVE that orange and blue...super inspiring..and the food you ate- my mouth is watering! I am pretty sure I hailed from Mexico in a past life.. beautiful Judy!

Candace said...

Oh. My. God. Thank you from the bottom of my little heart. Seriously.
Oh gosh, kids really do not have a map do they? And sometimes, neither do we. It's all uncharted territory some times.

We just need to do the best we can -- whistle in the dark and jump for joy in the light. And hold tight to one another...
Feel better, Judita!
Your Friend in Athens

Gwen said...

Oh, feel better soon, Judy! Your photos are a balm for the heart, esp. today when it snowed (again) and the temperature is hovering around 30...

femminismo said...

Truly, truly - thank you! What a wonderful trip and with your eye for catching details I feel I went there too! Love the memory jugs - take good care of yourself. - Jeanne

honeybee said...

I hope you are feeling better. Again, such gorgeous photos and such heartfelt words.

"When you have time and simple materials there is a strong desire to make things beautiful."

So much inspiration in that one sentence. Thanks, Judita!

misty said...

amazing! wow.... what a trip, thank you for taking us along with you!

Get better real soon!!! oxoxox

Thelma-Art said...

HMG!!! My Favorite town in Mexico. I was there long time ago, just for few hours. And I just fell in love with this beautiful city. Thank you soooooo much for the pictures, I really enjoyed. My heart is beating a lot. It's so wonderful you have friends there (specially artists).

joanne said...

i am so hungry looking at those amazing dishes of unbelievable foods...

and the colors and textures and faces... what an amazing trip and even more amazing photo journey you have provided...

i too hope you feel better soon... maybe some more of that gorgeous sangria would help!!

Tina said...

Hey, I have one of the paper mache black and white striped chickens! A friend went to San Miguel and brought it back for me. It's one of my favorite things.

Going to San Miguel is high on my list of things to do in this life.

Anonymous said...

Wow Judy, it looks fantastic, so much fun, such richness. You are so lucky to be ding this trip and Italy in September. Orvieto will be much the same: warm people, love of children, beautiful scenery, delectable food, lots of art, good wine. Ooh. can't wait. Bill Steiner

Ricë said...

fabulous photos--thanks for sharing. feel better soon~~

Chris said...

These are amazing pictures. It makes me happy. I hope you feel better?

Seth said...

I am inspired by the beauty of the scenery, the people, and the food!

robin westenhiser said...

I hope there is a part 3, i hvae so enjoyed your travelog.

Deb said...

Howdy, stranger. Long time no talk ... I surely did have a lot of catching up to do - and did I stop by to view some fantastic fun, or what - all the COLOR! The food! And Judy in that cute hat & wonderful orange skirt that reminds me of a little bowl of sherbet! Oh, and the green shoes with blue jeans. They all say "Judy" to me. And once again, you take your readers on a wonderful journey ... this time in Mexico. Wish I could have come too. I am finally getting my studio reorganized (maybe 2 more weeks will cover it), and will at last be able to hang my wonderful Judy Wise cowgirl prints.
I hope you feel better soon - coming home and feeling poorly is a bummer, but I am confident your spontaneity and energy will come surging back.

Miss you, cutie - Happy Trails!


aimee said...

I get so giddy when you publish your travelogues. No one else I've met in blogland could possibly pack more spirit, art, culture, food, or humanity in one post than you do. Your photos and stories make me want to fly to Mexico right this moment!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

What an inspiring, delicious, wonderful trip! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us :-)

Karen Cole said...

Well Judita, it looks like you jad a wonderful time.

Great photos......and the memories....

Love you in the orange skirt.

Ro Bruhn said...

Hope you're feeling better Judy. Love the photos, so much colour and vibrancy, great buildings too. They must be very happy people living in that sort of environment.

julie king said...

wow, wow, wow! i could comment on every one but will share only my impression of the very first photo. love that shade of fading red on the building!! what a wonderful trip this was!

the camp said...

what a gorgeous trip.
thanks for taking me
away from this little
burb, if only for awhile.

gypsy said...

Judy, Wow! Your photographs are fabulous, the composition and lighting are lovely and show the beauty and essence of San Miguel, one of my favorite cities in Mexico.