Saturday, November 22, 2008

IEA, Nature & Sweet Somethings

Last night was our Portland chapter meeting of the International Encaustic Artists Association. It was such a stimulating time that I didn't remember to pull out my camera until most of the members had left and the work was taken down. Our group is growing rapidly and we have 2 shows coming up right after the first of the year. There was a lot to talk about.

We met in Amy Stoner's studio. Pictured above: Karl, Andrea, Linda, Karen and Natasia. Sorry Linda, I always seem to catch you unawares.

Amy is showing us a piece that she made in a workshop with Elise Wagner. In this class, Amy learned how to use a waxed plate as a printing plate by inking the wax with several colors of etching ink and then printing the 'plate' on an etching press, transferring the ink to dampened paper. This is an approach that never would have occurred to me but one that makes unusual prints.

Here is another waxed plate that was inked to be printed on the press. I can tell that the wax was applied with a bristle brush in crosshatched patterns. Intriguing!

John woke me up fairly early this morning for a little hike near our house. The rolling hills were covered with fog and thank goodness he urged me to grab my camera. Of course that made for a slow hike as I stopped to take photographs.

We saw a green heron, some wood ducks and crows. Some racing, happy dogs on our ramble. It was reverent.

Everything was hushed and silent in the mist.

And now for the sweet somethings. The flower cone above was sent to me from Wisconsin by Ruth Wichmann (no website I could find) who actually sent me two of these with instructions to gift the 2nd one to a friend (which I have). I met Ruth at the RaeVn's Nest and heard about her flower cones from others there. Imagine my happy surprise to find this lovely gift on my doorstep not two weeks later. Thank you again, Ruth. It is beautiful and my daughter loves hers too.

And another package of kindness arrived yesterday from Jane Royal, who has a beautiful blog and website. I have the notebook right here beside my keyboard as I type, reminding me of all I need to do today and the cards I will use in the coming days. Thank you, Jane, for thinking kindly of me. These treasures will surround me with sweet reminders of how thoughtful and generous the women are who come to my blog and to the retreats. It is a good world. The bad news is always the anomaly; never forget that. xo


carolsue said...

More great photos, another great blog made even better by including my sister's flower cone gift to you. You're so right. We can never forget that the bad news is the anomaly and that we must focus on what's good and wonderful. Thank you for giving me good thoughts to dream on.

Amy Stoner said...

Thanks again for photographing our meetings as I NEVER remember to do that!!! and I love the morning pics and the mist...lovely

Linda Womack said...

For heaven's sake Judy, take that photo down! You gave Amy 3 tries at a good one. ;) (it's alright, I can take it...)

One Love Photo said...

Just lots of fun and lovely things! Is there a group that meets up in the Seattle area? If not I may just have to hop on a train southbound and come join your group. With the help of Linda's book I am slowing diving into this colorful melted world!

Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a beautiful time out of doors.

Captivating images, as always.

Ro Bruhn said...

I've been so busy I haven't been checking blogs lately, boy look what I've missed, fabulous photos and great work in your previous posts. My problem is every time I visit here I want to stop what I'm working on and have a go at what you're doing, you make it all look so interesting.