Monday, September 22, 2008

This and That

Autumn has officially arrived and with it has come deadlines for class samples. I've had a lot of work this month; preparing for Art and Soul, arranging next year's schedule. I love it but I've kind of been flying around.

Here are a couple of little teasers for classes I'll be teaching next year. I'm excited about both the new and the old venues; I'll not be jurying for any art fairs at all next year so that I can have all my time for teaching. Because I love it. Really love it.

Remember the big Eiffel Tower I painted for a wedding a few weeks ago? Well, dear Justine and Kurt were married last weekend and their wedding photographs are wonderful. The painting was a backdrop for a photo booth at the reception. Those pictures will follow but the wonderful fairy-tale wedding photographs are here.

These photos are courtesy of La Vie Photography, who did an excellent job of capturing the beautiful wedding and the lovely couple. Weddings. Who doesn't love beautiful weddings?

Here is Justine with her Marie Antoinette wig posing in front of the backdrop I painted for her. You can see more shots of the photo booth on the La Vie site. Congratulations, Justine and Kurt. Your wedding was fabulous and the whole world wishes you a long and happy life together.

This is the painting I did for Justine and Kurt. It measures 18 x 24" and is acrylic, resin, collage & mica.

Meanwhile the harvest is in full swing here. Tomatoes today, grapes into raisins tomorrow. The variety above is a yellow paste that we call Orenco Gold. John grew it out from a yellow sport of a paste tomato; we love it for colorful salsa.

I'm not quite ready to leave Squam yet. Above is a painting done by Theresa Patton in her journal. She bought her first art supplies for this class and I think she painted beautifully, don't you? What a thrill it is to find that you can do something that you hadn't tried before. It's like discovering treasure.

Here is a clever idea for all you crafters out there. Take the signatures out of a sturdy book, paint the cover in a gorgeous manner . . .

and sew in holders for your brushes. Fabulous idea! (thank you to the student who shared this)

And now for some random journal pages.

While I was at Squam I finished out one journal and started the next.

Some people fill a journal a month while mine take about 9 months to fill. Because I write so tiny and cannot bear to turn them loose before I absolutely have to.

I liken it to the way I try to cram too much into every single day, month and year. I want all the cookies. I am so grateful for my many years. The experience of being alive, of watching the changes, of laughing and crying and coping and sharing is so amazing.

Over and out.


kelly barton art + design said...

judy...i miss you so much. i am going through all these images and tearing up. i so wish i lived closer to you and liz. oh well, i will just have to keep up through your blog. i see my fav, man face, i dig him!

that wedding is gorgeous. and that wig!

happy tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Dear Judy,
i am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you at SAW. I enthralled by your journals and they are my current inspiration.
Thank You,

Sherry said...

I just love scrolling down the page and feasting on the beauty of your photographs -- the art, the wedding, the tomatoes, the journal pages. I can feel my shoulder tension releasing and my rib cage *sighing*. thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Judy, the wedding could only have been better if you had been there in person, but that big spirit of yours filled up the photo booth even when no one was in it. :-) What a delight (and inspiration!) it is to read your journal pages, and see the way you embrace life. Somehow, "embrace" does not to justice to what you do, but right now I am still speechless just reading about it! You are such a love. What a privilege it is to know you!

Kate Robertson said...


such a wonderful post. It was great seeing the wedding photos along with your art. Thanks for sharing.


Candace said...

Excellent, excellent. Thanks for sharing this, for letting us see an entire world in a post. Wonderful follow up on the wedding, Squam and those journal pages(why would anyone want to let go?), the brand-new painter.

Great idea for the brush holders!

And the glorious harvest of tomatoes. Good on you all.

Heather, said...

judy...thank you for leaving me with the thought to be grateful for this thing called life, ups and downs and all the stuff in between! needed that little reminder today! xo

Bad Cat Studios said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you at Squam. Your class was wonderful- I am SO glad I signed up. I teach art in upstate NY and everyone wanted to see what I did at Squam. Well, you wouldn't believe the reaction... we are now writing a grant to bring art journaling to the fourth grade classes based on what you taught me. And all the teachers want to learn it so I will be teaching a workshop in the next few weeks. I will have to post pictures and show you what we come up with. You were a total inspiration. Oh, and you were absolutely right about Penelope... never a serious picture. She was a great! Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for being part of my Squam experience.


MB Shaw said...

The samples are fabulous. Yeah, I hear you on teaching, it's fun, isn't it? I'm doing a few next year, but trying to still keep my toe in the art fair world too, we'll see how that all works out. Plus my studio classes of course. They are just such a treat!
The wedding couple - omg, are they gorgeous or what, they look radiant!

Susan Schwake said...

it's all so beautiful to be able to see your blog now that you are so far away on the other coast!
i think that wedding backdrop and concept was just fun all over.
hip hip hooray for teaching - the student's worlds will be a better place touched by judy wise!

A bird in the hand said...

What a beautiful bride! (and groom too ;)

The painting you gave them as a gift tells me you're a 21st-century Matisse!!!! (Les Mariés)

Love your work.

John Gascot said...

Oh Judy, the backdrop looks so awesome with Justine all dolled up in front of it! Bravo!

Toni said...

Judy -- in my blog-browsing today, I came across this and thought of you ... probably you already know all about it, but I didn't want to take that chance.

A bird in the hand said...

abject apologies, judy! I meant Chagall, not Monsieur Matisse!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy...My name is Aundria, and I found your site thru Artful Blogging magazine, and I absolutely love your paintings and journal entries. How do you make those and are there special journals that you can use liquid media on without destroying the pages? I would love to do something like this but don't know where to begin. And the Paris backdrop and photobooth you made for that wedding was gorgeous!

Thank you for creating - I love your style!

Anonymous said...

Dear Judy- What a wonderful journey you've taken me on today! Will you be my pilot? :-)

Squam looks like Utopia should. Your tomatoes look like Utopia should look. My my, I so miss you.


Ro Bruhn said...

What a great post Judy, I love the first painting. The wedding looked fabulous. What a lucky couple to have you do such a fantastic work of art for them. I know that feeling of trying to cram so much into today as if there's no tomorrow, I think the older we get the more we find to do.

Lynn Cohen said...

Wonderful wonderful wedding photos. Mazol Tov to the happy couple. And your art shines there!
The flying bride and groom feels like the artist who did the synogogue windows in Israel. Why won't his name come to me? Anyway I think he painted a flying bride and groom too. (senior moment here, yikes! but I know you know who I mean.)
Wonderful art from your students as well.

Lynn Cohen said...

CHAGALL! I had to google it can you believe that? OY!

Judy said...

what a post- so much beauty to behold. wedding pic is wonderful! cya soon my friend,

Seth said...

As always, loving your journal pages.

Anonymous said...