Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Leaving on a Jet Plane

This is all I have for you today. A nice salad, fresh from the garden: chopped basil on lemon cukes, red onions, tomatoes, salt and pepper and rice vinegar. Will make you very agreeable.

In one hour I leave for the airport to teach at Art Unraveled in Phoenix. I'm still deciding whether to take the laptop or be free of it. Since Katie is my room mate I don't anticipate much time for blogging.

I'll share a gorgeous blog I've had on my Bloglines for some time now. Go here and look at the dreamy photographs.

I'll be back next week so if you order a print from my website it will be shipped around the 14th but not before. John will be here to answer the phone when he's not in the garden.

So much preparation before teaching; boxes to ship and lists to check. But now all the work is behind me and I can just focus on the thing I love; meeting other artists and sharing their joy as they learn new techniques. Laughing until our sides hurt. Sharing our successes and agreeing that our failures guide us on to better work. Just connecting with beautiful people. This is the place where we all shine for each other.


Anonymous said...

Have a grand time, Judy!

Karen Cole said...

Wow, the salad was great, thanks.

The photos from that sight were even better, no offense :-)

John G. said...

Have an awesome time! Meeting and sharing with fellow artists is always a wonderful thing.
Nevermind the laptop you can always blog when you get back...don't forget a CAMERA! Look forward to reading/viewing reports from the trip.

Jamie said...

That is exactly what I am going to have for lunch. Well, not exactly, I don't have the lemon cucumbers but I've got plenty of the regular ones.

Thanks for the delicious inspiration.

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Heather, said...

mmmm....thank you for sharing that blog, the photos are wonderful. have a wonderful time in phoenix, stay cool!
xo heather
p.s. thanks for the salad idea...back to work this week :-( and that looks like a lunch to take that would cheer me up!

Candace said...

Sweetie, that salad is all I need, trust me. Lovely photo and have a great great time!
Come back with some grand stories, please.

Big hug,

Melanie said...

The salad looks beautiful! Have a great time in AZ!

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

What a delight it was to finally speak face to face and share a hug at AU....and come home with a copy of one of my most favorite of your pieces 'Following The Moon' What a treasure!!

xo Rella

Lynn said...

looking forward to the follow up of this workshop you are teaching.
Lucky students there waiting for you and your talent shared.

julieHaymkerthompson said...

Hi Judy, I am coming over for dinner!! Anyway Thanks so much for a wonderful class on friday I learned so much I went out and bought wax and resin and am all set up!!! ( I did the little moon face lady just to jog your memory)... Thanks agin for sharing your talent

Anonymous said...