Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Fourth

I'm playing catch up again. Getting over several ailments too mundane to describe but that has slowed me down some. So I'll start with the 4th holiday which was perfectly wonderful with family and friends. We quaffed Margaritas and ate tacos as we listened to the neighborhood blowing themselves up. My friend from Utah visited and she and I arted up a storm. The stencil collage above is one of her in her tutu around age 10. It was great to cut a stencil after such a long hiatus.

Here we are: John (center), me (left) and Emma. A shaky self portrait but one I like.

My little girls. I never get tired of taking their pictures.

The card Emma made from crusty stuff we dug out of the Goodwill bins. More crusty art to follow; today I'm mailing off prints, applying for my Arizona business licenses and trying to answer all the emails in my box. Ack.


Erica Herbert said...

love your site! mind if i add u to my faves?

Linda O'Neill said...

Great tutu painting, Judy. Glad you had a nice fourth!

femminismo said...

Even mundane illnesses can get us down. Glad you're back up. Love the tutu girl. Your stencils are the "best-est" ever. Jeanne

Chris said...

I hope you feel better!

I love this stencil. How cool.
I am bummed that I won't be able to get to Art and Soul this year. Your workshops sound so amazing, but the airfare is too much for me this year.

(Plus, I was late--I think yours are filled already!)

I hope to learn from you some time in future. Take care of yourself! We need you.