Saturday, May 10, 2008


It's been a busy few days in the wax room. I've assigned myself the challenge of doing as many techniques as I know with the wax and of seeing what comes of that. Of course then you develop favorite things and get in a groove but my intention was just to experiment.

So what you are looking at is this, that and the other. The first several use stencils a lot. Technical advice is welcome here. If you have suggestions or helpful directions feel free to pipe up.

I have a book full of cut stencils so I ruined several with the wax. Thought they were about the least successful of the bunch but here they are anyway.

ha ha. My DH thinks the silhouette above needs a face. I shouldn't make fun; maybe you think so too.

I'm really getting into transparent layers here. These are among my favorites.

The last two use transfers, tissue inclusions, a variety of scratching, filling and messing about.

I'm a busy little beaver, aren't I? The magnolias, lilacs and rhododendrons are blooming and yet I keep my nose to the hot plate.

OK, last one for awhile. Studio smells of heavenly beeswax and creative fervor. What I am not doing is writing class proposals. Eeep. Put on thinking cap. Brain contains nothing but wax. What to do? Maybe skip 2009 and just enjoy taking classes from others. Aieeee, so much to think about. I can't take it.

DH senses my dismay and brings me a life-saving draught. Sweet hay-soos a cold beer sure tastes good on a sweet May evening. Thanks for humoring me and stopping by. Wait! Give me a hug. Thanks, okay, now you can go. xoxoxoxoxxo


Heather, said...

Mmmm...I can smell the honeyed beeswax from here...yummy. Note to self, make some new encaustic pieces.

Dorit Elisha said...

Fabulous Judy! You are the queen of wax in my opinion! I love the images too.
Sorry I didn't make it to Monterey when you were there (due to family business).Hope to see you soon someplace.
ps: you are tagged!

Anne, Bulles dorées said...

wow it's fabulous !! I never thought about using stencil with wax !! fantastic work !!

Ro Bruhn said...

Wow Judy, some of these look good enough to eat, so many styles.
Have a great Mother's Day.

katie said...

yummmmmy,waxy, Mmmmmm.....i finally sent off my reistration to IEA and joined your local - i see trips to Portland in my future :-)

maybe if we took our thinking caps outside and threw them up in the air, and a gust of wind took them, and they landed on top of a high tree, and a bird made a nest in them, and eggs hatched in them, and baby birds chirped and grew in them, and sailed away from them for the very first time, maybe THEN we'll get some good workshops ideas

Carmen said...

These are INCREDIBLE! Love them!

Candace said...

Wow. Simply tripping the wax fantastic here, Judy. I rather like the little girl with no face... that way she could be any of us.

Enjoy this upcoming week!
Great Big Hug,

Anonymous said...

Judy -- you've got yet another fan -- I love your work and your blog! Wax and good libations... what could be better?? I'm in Seattle and would love to be part of the IEA group. I'll be joining but don't see anything on their site about regional groups -- just volunteer/not-volunteer options. Also, I've got lots of encaustic links on my website and will be posting my own work soon -- THANK YOU for the inspiration, both in art and in life :)

Anonymous said...

oh what a nice coating of wax and beer foam won't do for the art brain! I predict grand & special ideas to spring forth after several more play sessions.
happy day sweet mama wise!

Jamie said...

I love your waxiness and that beer looks super good. I hope you take a break to get outside - I can hardly stay indoors these days.

Dale said...

oh wow! I really love the tissue paper with wax, especially the ones with the plants. They look totaly awesome! The wax works well with the tissue paper to provide more of thait transparent texture... great work!

Carla Sonheim said...

Happy Mother's Day, Judy! Great post.

Anonymous said...

Hugs, hugs, and hugs!
Love the faceless figure, and you should be giving the rest of us advice on stencils, not the other way around!
Have an awesome week, stay in the studio, and do 'xactly as you please!

liz elayne lamoreux said...

first, a big hug for you (happy mother's day)
second, love the laciness (is that how one spells that? laceyness?) in the first few...really they are all so fantastic. i always want to stick my finger through the screen so that i can touch, touch, touch everything...

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I'm sure I've told you this before, but I really enjoy your posts! So genorous with all that you do! I think you will figure out what to do with those pieces that you're in a quandry about and they will turn out to be fabulous!
Gosh, I don't drink beer, but it sure looks good there! ; )

Anonymous said...


bisous, Elizabeth


Leah said...

so much beauty!!

i really like the silhouette (no face needed, hehe) and the last two with all the lovely scratches.

mcdc3s said...

Beautiful results with the beeswax and stencils. Just a question... is paraffin useable for art projects?

aimee said...

thank you, judy, for sharing your beautiful work! you've inspired me to take an encaustic wax class at my arts center. i might take a beer along, too.

Anonymous said...

oh what a lovely post - rich, tasty and divinely inspired - here's the HUG - and I'm going back for more looking...

such radiant delights all around and that Buddha baby - oh my!

xox - eb.

Anonymous said...

The wax and the work is looking so wonderful. I love to see you play and think and change and play some more.
sending my hug!!!