Friday, May 02, 2008

Studio Time

These two encaustics I created yesterday. Between phone calls, a dentist appointment, all the odds and ends that nibble away at what little studio time I can carve out for myself. Of course when I chase everyone away I am lonely and entice them all to return; I am fickle with my time that way. Or most likely it is just difficult to balance out our various needs.

This second one is yummy in a way the photograph did not capture; it is translucent like those candy ribbons we used to get in our stockings at Christmas. Dreamsicle colors, the ones that make me smile.

And it's been awhile since I posted journal pages. I haven't been working in my journal as much; I will get to do some of that this weekend at Katie's class on Sunday at Innerstandings Studio. Katie is teaching both Saturday and Sunday and I think there is still room if you'd like to join us. She always inspires me; I'm really looking forward to this one.

Katie works large on detached pages and then assembles them into her journal after the fact. She is driving down today from her home along the Tahuya River; stopping along the way to pick up more goodies for our class. I love to think of her driving south in her wonderful old boat of a car, loaded as it always is to the gunnels with treasures that she collects.

She is the Goodwill Queen; always finds the best stuff that I for some reason do not yet have the talent for. I'm working at it though. I found a beautiful dhoti with my daughter earlier this week that I can wear in Arizona this August. That is my next teaching gig.

So this one makes me laugh; I hope it isn't too dark for some of you. It is my tongue in cheek statement on where mankind is headed if we don't change. For starters we need more birth control for women everywhere. Women like to see a few children fed instead of a lot of children hungry. Give us the tools and we will use them.

This was just another excuse to layer and scrape; my favorite pastime this week. It's soothing if a little hard on the hands. And so I leave you, hoping to get some hot wax going again today before I meet Katie and Diane and go see Jesse Reno painting a mural at an opening he's having downtown. Whew! Pictures of that and the weekend asap. Cheers.


Kim H. said...

Judy- your stuff is just gorgeous!

art spirit said...

Judy, thank you for taking us all along on your Journey of Wax! Loved all the photos and your new things are just DEElicious! great tips on shipping too!

Connie said...

Your journal pages simply amaze me. I sit here in complete awe..complete amazement. Thank you for sharing.

Ro Bruhn said...

Not only are you a prolific artist, but journaler as well. I don't know how you keep it up Judy. My journal has suffered badly these past few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I especially like your wax counting series.Your concept of the grid representing units of finite time is brilliant. I've just started blogging and would love to invite you to visit mine.
mary ann

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Sorry just learning...please feel invited to visit my blog.

zquilts said...

Found you through an old issue of Artful Blogging that I had not bothered with until recently. I love your work ! I am ne to mixed media but am loving the learning process. Your journal entries make me smile -and give me thoughts of making my own journaling more fun ! Thanks for your art! PS: I'm on San Juan Island.

Mary Ann said...

all those tiny words sprawled across the pages - dense intricate little roads winding their way through your mind. and those creamy encaustics - the perfect compliment. so much to love over here..............

pattie said...

So wonderful...And I am answering your post previous here too...YES, JUDY people do still read the blogs!!
Less comments than usual but still reading...I have decided I am commenting each and every time for this reason!!
Have a marvelous creative day!
Artfully Yours,

Chris said...

These journal pages are among the most fabulous pages I've ever seen. How inspirational!

Anonymous said...