Friday, May 16, 2008

IEA PDX Meeting

Just returned from our local IEA chapter meeting. It was great! First of all, Linda's newest edition of her book, Embracing Encaustic had arrived so we all got to look at it. The most wonderful thing about this revised edition is the inclusion of the work of many artists along with explanations of how they achieved their various paintings. I'm going to go through the book and try out the techniques one by one. Thank you Linda!!

(BTW, Bridgette Guerzon Mills has 2 pieces in the book. I have always admired her sensitive touch.) Missy Me has a piece in there too. *big smile* You can order your copy here.

We discussed the upcoming show (June 6-27) that will be held at the Newberg Gallery at 115 N. College St. and 99W in Newberg, Oregon. Some of us will be at the Boston Conference then but the rest of the group will attend the opening on June 6th from 5-9 pm. The name of the show is "Encaustic Road Trip" and I hope everyone in the Portland area who is curious about wax will attend. It promises to showcase many styles and I'll have 4 small pieces in it.

Another glance around the room as Carl holds up a piece he created. Lots of wax on this beauty; deeply carved into to reveal the many layers of color. Really nice. Melinda gave us a thorough photo presentation of the Carmel Valley Retreat; we discussed what a great experience that was.

Susan Freedman demonstrated cutting stencils and using them to apply wax onto wax. She had a great tool that made cutting quick and easy. I'm adding this to my studio asap.

This is what it looks like and you can get it at Michaels or similar stores. It works best on paper.

Here Susan is fusing the wax through the stencil. The adhesive spray is in the photo and keeps the wax from flowing under the edges of the stencil. You definitely want to use that with the stencil or you'll be fiddling with little wax puddles for hours (ask me how I know).

Here are some stencilled shapes on the waxed board.

Finally we admired some of the work that will appear in the show next month. It was a hot summer evening in Portland and we had a great meeting.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That looks like so much fun. Congrats on the book- I can't wait to see it! And thanks for letting us know it is out there- I am going to be doing some reading!!

rivergardenstudio said...

Your work for the show looks amazing. And I love the photo's showing your tools and your artist friends. If I can make it to Portland I'd like to go to the show. Roxanne

Lynda Cole said...

Judy, thank you for the stencil information. I will add that tool and can of spray to my studio equipment also.

Serena Barton said...

I always go to your blog the day after the meeting to recap the demo instructions and relive the fun! (I tried so hard to stay out of the pictures--I look like I'm recoiling in horror from Carl's painting, but I loved his piece.)

Thanks for the report on the retreat--I'm convinced to go next year!

Candace said...

Very nice! Congratulations to all re: the book and the meeting looked great.


Karen Cole said...

It's great that you have this group and you share all of this wonderful information. Congrats on the book and show.

Is your skillet with wax only for beeswax or does it have resin in it as well? Keep that fan running!!!!

I have contemplated heading up to Boston for that conference, but by the time I realized that I could possibly go, everything was filled.

I look forward to your report.

Have an awesome day!!

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

can't wait to see her new book! thanks for the mention, judy! :)

hmmm, stencils...something new to try.