Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Last Gasp

Ha ha ha. I promise not to torture you with any more of these for awhile but had to show the one I did yesterday. This is 12x20" and used a lot of wax, a lot of scraping and a lot of course changes. The surface is wonderful in person but impossible to capture on 'film'. I alternated opaque and transparent wax so that you are looking into the wax in some places (like looking into a tidepool) and stopping on the surface where the wax is opaque. That interests me.

So I'm off to pack and do a few last minute chores. Please send up a silent prayer for a friend of mine who is having a hip replacement today. He has struggled gallantly with MS for a decade and is one of the kindest people I know. And while you're at it, send up a prayer for everyone who is frightened, hungry or alone. Let's look around and help each other out. We can transform the world into a kinder place if we choose to.


Danita said...

Sorry about your friend Judy, I hope she does great at the surgery :)
Oh and please keep torturing us with your beautiful art... so far, this is my favorite encaustic!

Leah said...

oo, i really love this piece judy.

i'll be sending out some healing thoughts to your friend.

Ro Bruhn said...

They just keep getting better Judy, if that's possible. This would be my favourite, but they are all stunning.
Sending healing energy over the seas and around the world. We CAN make a difference.

Kelly Snelling said...

you could never bore me with these. i've enjoyed each one ever so much. prayers for your friend, prayers for us all today. xo-k

Anonymous said...

A candle lit on the altar for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I dig your style lady. Artistically and personally. Sending my good energy too.

rivergardenstudio said...

What incredible art work! Somehow I lost your site, but now I have found it I can't stop looking at these beautiful encaustics. I also love your writing. The mud balls on the neighbors window sill is really touching and funny... Roxanne

Karen Cole said...

Gorgeous series of work, Judy.

Had a busy week myself. Just call me the entertainment queen. I'm tired, off to take a nap.

Candace said...

T has MS so I know what that's like. And I do think one person can indeed make a difference if only in that one person's own life. Good luck and good thoughts to everyone!

And do keep up these "Last Gasps" of yours, LOL. Such lovely pieces here.

randi said...

I think of counting days..counting, waiting...the repetition and circles along with the 5 lines underneath are such a cool contrast. This piece tells a story and is a wonderful piece to use as inspiration to write about.
Lov'in it.