Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Starving Artist Tip

Here is my light box. I coodged it together in about 2 minutes one day 10 years ago and I've been using it ever since. I like it because I can set it aside when I need the space and use the makings for other things. I can throw it away if I move. It didn't cost anything. It works.

The light bulb is leaning up against a pottery cup to keep it from getting the box too hot and burning the studio down. If you do this, don't be a klutz and walk away with the light burning or you'll be settin' the place on fire. The fixture is one of those wire clamp on jobbies that was on hand for an old display.

I put one sheet of glass on the bottom, a piece of tissue in between to diffuse the bright light and a recycled (broken corner) piece of scrap glass on the top. It works just fine. If you're loaded and have a fancy light box, forget I said anything. If you always wanted one but couldn't afford it, this post was for you.


Anonymous said...

Genius Judy, pure genius!!! :D

Renee said...

You are a very clever girl . . . when I used to have a glass coffee table I put a light underneath it to use for a light box. With my poor history of turning off the iron I would have to use a metal box instead of the cardboard one.
xoxx, Renée

BTW I started my used grocery sack journal ala MZ. Judy's UGS journal!

Lynn Cohen said...

That is so cool. I need one at times for the quilting work I do.
However, I have burned so many dinners, pots and microwave even that I would probably burn the house down. Maybe there's still a way to make it safeproof but cheap. A metal box maybe? Hum. Will keep a look out at garage sales.
(Oh, Renee had this idea already...I always write before reading so my ideas are fresh/mine).

Unknown said...

Love ingenuety!
Just got my cloth, paper, scissors mag in the mail. I saw your name on the front cover and thought, "Hey, I know her!"
Am enjoying the article.

Christine DeCamp said...

Hi Judy--love the "something out of nothing" post! I used to have an old coffee table that worked well--don't know what happened to it. Thanks for the tip.
I would like to pass along the info that there is a "Pay it Forward" project happening---I saw it at Tracy's blog ( Anyone interested in participating should check it out!

Ro Bruhn said...

Great idea Judy, thanks for sharing

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

Mz. Judy.. I HAVE MISSED visiting you.. MY OH MY.. LOTS happening with you!!!

I am finally home from traveling and trying to catch up with my FAVOR-ITE BLOGS!!! and my FAVOR-ITE ART-ISTS!!!!

ANDDDDDD... I FINALLY got a chance to read that FAB... VERY VERY FAB Artist Profile on none other than little ol' YOU... in CPS.. and IT WAS VERY VERY COOL!!!! Just like YOU!!!!


Happiest of TURKEY days to YOU!

Judy said...

Oh yu crack me up!!! Love it!

katie said...

judy, judy, judy... you were born such a clever girl, with a heart as big and generous as an elephant...thanks for sharing all you do, i LOVE this!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips...I can't wait to have time to try it and hopefully make a big fun MESS! congrats on your article!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love it! You are my kind of gal.

Cathie said...
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Cathie said...

Love your "starvin' artist" tip. Just goes to show -- you don't have to have expensive stuff to create a masterpiece! Your work is great!

Anonymous said...

Very clever you are!! During daylight hours I use my dining room window as my light box for tracing etc. Solar powered LOL Hmm I could use a light box in the evenings though...wonder if one of those battery operated camping lanterns would work...think I will give it a whirl! xo

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

Thanks for the tip. I always wanted a bigger light box; they are so overpriced! Lately, I've thought of doing something like you have here, but going to the plastic place to get a peice of acrylic that is opaque so I don't have to worry about breaking my glass.