Saturday, November 17, 2007

IEA and Forming Artists' Groups

Our International Encaustic Artists group met last night and I missed an opportunity to photograph the large, inspiring studio filled with beautiful landscape oil paintings of Melinda Fellini. I think one of the best gifts we can give each other as artists is to share our studio spaces with others for all the benefits of seeing how we've solved similar problems of space, storage, work area and the like. Melinda had enormous paintings stacked against one wall that gave me visions of working larger; that is one way we can help each other. Sometimes just seeing what others have done is enough to broaden our vision and give us courage to grow.

We discussed our goals as a group which focus mainly on education and sharing technical knowledge. We have so many members with different sets of skills; I think we are going to be a positive force for the arts in Portland. I'm so excited to be involved.

For so many decades I worked in isolation. I wish I'd opened up sooner to other artists but that's the way I thought it had to be. I lived in the country. I worked long hours. I had every excuse to stay holed up and it made me feel very inconsequential and invisible. Being in a group with other artists has so many benefits to the individual as well as the community; if nothing else, just gather a few friends together and meet once a month to socialize and paint or collage or sew. (Remember the sewing bees of the past?) This is the way we let down our hair and support each other in the good times and bad. Let's make our social networks strong and healthy so that we ourselves will be strong and healthy. This is my thought today.


Lynn Cohen said...

Judy you have been tagged if you want to play. See my blog for details.

Lynn Cohen said...

I enjoyed reading of your experience in your art community!
I should go to our local art gallery and check out who is doing what. I might even find some doing this you talk of! ;-)
I also found a little artist studio that offers classes on one of my recent walks. Another good way to meet local artists. Your words and your work inspires. Thanks.

katie said...

you're right, we need one another as artists, and i just wrote in my blog what a hermit i am...

Ro Bruhn said...

You are so right Judy. The group I teach altered books to gets together once a month and we discuss new products and methods of doing things, we all bring, papers and things to swap. It's a great exchange of ideas and techniques.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what any art retreat is about. The workshops are wonderful and inspiring, but the real prize is the sharing with each other and the sparks of inspiration and encouragement that fly about.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

oh man! Your IEA posts make me want to live in Portland. No fair! :)

I have been feeling the same way about community too and just wrote about it. It really is important to reach out and open up to others. A whole new world can open up. Although I really enjoy my solitude too. I'm finding that it's all about balance.