Friday, November 09, 2007

Mag Cover, Jam Fest & Journal Page

My friend Patti phoned tonite to say she liked my cover on the latest issue of Natural Awakenings magazine. So I went to their website and snatched this image off to show you. (tee hee - I'm bad!) This was originally a vertical painting which I photoshopped into a horizonal for the magazine's format. You can see the painting as I painted it on my website, available as a print. (the original is sold)

And if you look closely here you will see the pretty labels on the promising jars of Blueberry Jam with Grand Marnier that Pilar sent to me. Aye yi yi ... won't that be good with the morning scones!! How many people do you know these days who make jam? Thanks, Pilar. We are thrilled that you thought of us and we are really going to enjoy this gift.

Finally another journal page to share. I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours. I love the scribbles, dribbles and babbles that we do to entertain ourselves. Don't we have fun!

Thanks for all the thoughtful comments. I love hearing from my friends in blogville.


Ro Bruhn said...

Congratulations on the mag cover Judy, what a fabulous painting for the topic, health. I confess, I still make jam and tomato sauce from time to time, when there's an abundance of fruit. Nothing like home made sauce or maybe you call it ketchup.

Mary Ann said...

DIG those labels on Pilar's gorgeous canned jams. Must learn how to make those! Need many labels to stick on various things. YOUR art on a magazine cover. It really fits perfectly and is so enticing.
Your journal is the sh*t!

lynne h said...

judy, your journals are always the sh*t!!!

so i looked at the mag cover... couldn't find your name anywhere and was pondering the whole thing (hadn't read the words yet). duh... it's your artwork! beautiful!!

Lynn said...

The mag cover warmed my heart the drawing so homey. Down home. On the farm down home. I'm getting there.
Who made all those other wonderful canned goods in your cupboard? I love stewed tomatoes, grandma made those and she also did up the took me back home...
Do you think hair dressers say that so we'll keep paying them? Mine said the same. But I know my gray is not a pretty silver and in my case she is probably right. Why would I want to look that much older when I don't have to? There's time for that when I'm really old. When's that? 90? I should live so long!
I bought a new journal today at a garage sale for $1 made from recycled paper and bark. Maybe I'll use it to make a journal with pictures like yours. You inspire me to do fun things. You should see the vintage hair clips I found today too...great for collage I am thinking...see what I mean? I have never made a collage but I feel one stirring.

Cris in Oregon said...

Love your art work and your magazine cover painting is wonderful. Congrats on that.
I finally found a better way to your blog so I can get on to see it. I am in Oregon too. Oh and we made tons of Jam this year from our own concord grapes we have growing in our yard. and We.. My hubby and I ... made Pear sauce for a neighbors pear tree. I have all that posted on my blog around the last of August or early September. Lynn is right this your blog is inspiring.

MezzoKat said...

Congratulations on your magazine cover, Judy! I love the caring look of the woman holding the chicken, and what a contented-looking chicken. Wonderful!
I'm imagining spreading a little of that wonderful jam on my morning toast!