Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jackie's Coolio Patterned Paper

What a great Saturday. First of all the sun was shining after rain was forecast. Miracle! Due to a last minute change of plans I found myself able to attend the demo of Jackie Crist at Art Media. This terrific artist discovered a most beautiful way to pattern paper and I had to see what all the rumpus was about so I pulled myself together (Hermie is helping me in the photo above) and departed. As an aside, our little brother is somewhat blind these days so I carry him from room to room and joke that I am going to buy a papoose carrier. He loves to be held and so I hold.

I very carefully shoot photos as I drive. Past Oregon City. Click. Click.

Past the fishermen parked by the Oregon City bridge, hoping to catch a fat salmon.

Here is the paper-meister, Ms. Jackie Crist in all her beautimous glory. She worked with dyes and misters and rollers and stamps for over 2 hours and did not spoil her pretty clothes. She is so nice and told us everything. She gave me so many ideas for ways to capture the paper for further use through lazer copies. She is generous!! Don't you like her already? I do!

Her technique is clever-clever and all her own (sorry - not mine to share) but you can take a class from her next Saturday at Innerstandings and be fed a gourmet lunch beside. Here is Diane's big black shoe coming in for a landing on one of those heated blue spongey thingies that makes an instant rubber stamp.

And *SQUISH* - the sole of her shoe makes a cool imprint in the foam. I always looked at those blue sponge things in the art store and wondered why anyone would want one but now that I've seen Jackie's work I get it. I bought a half dozen of them.

Here is the impression from the bottom of Diane's shoe on the foam stamp material. Look at Jackie's papers in the background. They are sooooo beautiful. If you live nearby or can drive down next Saturday, Jackie will be teaching her great class at Innerstandings and Diane will be team teaching. Each student will leave the class with patterned paper that they have created and a journal type book with a cover of the paper and signatures of beautiful sturdy white paper inside to do with as you like. (Did I mention the gourmet meals Diane serves and the desserts?) I did? Well, a day in Diane's studio is a day filled with pleasure. Glad to spread the word about this retreat. Diane really puts her heart into every one of them.


Leah said...

oh, i love the picture of you with your sweet kitty. i think a kitty papoose would be adorable. :-)

the art class looks like a colorful delight! thanks for sharing the pictures!

Cindy said...

I have a fur baby that loves to be held, too, one that freaks at the idea and one that is completely indifferent to it. Loved the picture with your kitty. Thanks for sharing it.

Sounds like you had a great Saturday! What a talented lady, to make all those beautiful papers, and generous to share her techniques with you. I'm no where bear your area, but want to go to the class next week-end anyway! LOL!

luanne said...

What beautiful papers Jackie makes! If not for my son visiting next weekend, I'd be tempted to head to Portland to take this workshop, it sounds like so much fun.

One detail you forgot to mention... what kind of shoes was Diane wearing, with that graceful pattern on the bottom?... New criteria for future shoe purchases -- check out their artistic sole potential!

Thanks for sharing this, and your dear kitty too.

Mary Ann said...

That Jackie has lots of tricks up her sleeves AND she's cute to boot! Her class looks like pure fun. I have a bin full of the blue things. They make the COOLEST stamps.
I'm glad to hear your giving Hermanito lots of huggin and squeezin. He sent Buck an email and said he loves being carried like a baby.

Lynn said...

Can you share the type of paint she used to use those stamps? What a cool idea. I need to see whose teaching this sort of thing in the Bay Area! Must be? Know any sources?
The blending of good food and art appeals to me too.
More kitties. Such beautiful long hair that one has! Oh snuggly soft.
Fun to be in Oregon with you!

Ro Bruhn said...

Your Hermanito is adorable.
Loooove the papers and those blue things, I haven't seen them over here, there are so many things you have that we can't buy. Does Jackie have a blog or web site?

Cre8Tiva said...

looks like a great place to images...please stop by my blog for another giveaway today...blessings, rebecca

kimsherrod said...

wow! That looks like fun! I live in Florida- or I would love to come for her class! I have seen your stuff in CPS and really enjoyed it! Just wanted to say hi!

Karen Cole said...

I can almost hear the "squish" of her shoe. Awesome!!!

Lucy said...

What a fun class that looks like--how I wish I was near enough to take one!

I definitely need to get some of those rubber foam blocks!! How fun that looks and the imprints are so unique!

katy said...

what great paper wish i lived near but from michigan it would be a hike and my cat, belle, is as big or bigger a bab than Hermanito:) she is defintely the boss at my house but i wouldnt have it any other way. wish she had an online tutorial, i would pay to learn to make paper like that.

MezzoKat said...

Wish I was close enough to take a class with Jackie, and, perchance, visit you and hug Hermanito--I'm a cat person, too. Your papers are so cool!

Deryn Mentock said...

Those Penscore stamps are awesome, aren't they? I use them ALL the time and some of my best images have come from the bottom of a shoe!

dfh said...