Thursday, May 10, 2007

Doors and Knockers

Oh, I can't seem to stop myself from sleeping and rummaging through my photographs. I want to show some more! I want to sleep some more! I'd like to get back on track too but so far that hasn't happened yet. If this is jet lag it is the worst case I've ever had. So here is a wooden saint that I love, don't you?

And religious figures in snow globes. Of course. Why didn't I think of that?

My husband has very short legs but I like him anyway. Oh wait, I get it, he's pointing out how little the door is.

More knockers. It's the internet's fault that I got interested in these. I kept seeing them on other people's blogs and then when I got to Europe they kept jumping out at me. They really are cool.

There was a song in the 50's named "Green Door". OK, never mind, nobody is old enough besides me to remember that.

More knockers. Think of all the energy we could save if we pulled out our electric doorbells and installed door knockers. When did we start making everything more complicated than necessary?

Light and color on the cathedral floor. I almost walked past this but John stopped me and pointed it out.

I can tell the shots from Lisbon by the chunks of limestone they use in paving their streets. They must have moved mountains of rocks; it's a big city.

Lots of tile used in the facades of the buildings and homes. No upkeep; it lasts for centures without repainting.

A big ochre facade and battered wooden door to bring up the rear. I sure hope I'm done with the pictures from my trip now but I can't promise.


Anonymous said...

that is such a cute picture of your husband! All of your photos are wonderful! So glad you are back. xo

Ro Bruhn said...

It must have been so hard Judy not to stop and sketch everything, and yes I remember the song whose that hiding behind the 'green door'.
Your photos of the buildings are great

María José said...

Hi Jude!!!
I come from Spain and I was reading your blog and I have to say to you that it is lovely!!I am from the north part of Spain (Galicia) and I like gardening, painting and arts in general.
So congratulations and, please!! do not stop showing your work and experiences to us !!

Carla Sonheim said...

Oh, don't stop! We're loving the photos!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the photos! Isn't it fun to tease our mates on our blog! hehe Very cute photo! With your comment on my blog..I think you hit the nail on the head darlin! Yes very emotional time and trying to keep it all under control at the same time. Huge hugs for you! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Judy I'm trying to decide who's cuter you or your husband. TIE! These photos are beyond beautiful. You have a good eye. As always I dig your densely packed worded journal pages. Keep the photos of Spain coming!

søren said...

I know the song Green Door! (I'm 33!) (for some reason when I was little I always listened to albums of fifties songs. and the Everly Brothers!)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via "Dispatch from LA." Love it--as I do the "DfLA" blog. And, gasp, I didn't realize anyone else in the world remembered the Green Door. It's singing in my head now, and I can't stop it!......

Anonymous said...

DIdn't mean to be an "anonymous" new fan. Clicked the wrong button.

Anonymous said...

hi judy....i know you will remember were suppose to save a seat next to you in mistys class at kept it empty as i sat behind you, we then both realized it was me you were saving the seat, "minnie".... i have just come back from italy and visited your site to find your wonderful journey to spain. you made a wonderful journal....i started one while there, but ran out of gas at nite...we rented a car, and those crazy italian drivers wore me out. we came home at nite and drank bottles of wine...(their wine does not buzz you, you had to drink grouppo for that....)it was a wonderful amazing trip...we were there almost same time your were there.

Multiple Letterboxes said...
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