Monday, April 02, 2007

Artfest 2007

My friend Dawn said that Artfest is 100% about the people and 100% about the art. This is true. You will hear that Artfest changes people's lives. It has changed mine. What follows is a short tour of what went on this past weekend. I will be posting more pictures in the days to come.

This is what my little private dorm room looked like. It is the second time I have stayed in this dorm and it is one of my favorite things about Artfest. You schmooze all day with hundreds of artists and then you retreat to your lair where you can journal and reflect in privacy. I love this.

Breakfast with the nicest people you'll ever meet from all over the world. Liz, Tonia and kellyrae. Every kind of talent sitting at this table; writer, editor, artist. And so much more. Everyone has multiple talents and skills. This is where we all come to share, enthuse, create and inspire. By the end of the first day your brain is reeling with new ideas, friends and projects. It is for joy.

In Susan Lenart Kazmer's class I learned how to make projects out of resined paper. In the picture above we are measuring the two-part resin. We made charms for rings, earrings and bracelets as well as book pages. The finished paper is so beautiful and we can make so many things from it. Susan is a dynamic individual and an excellent teacher. Her fashion sense is a wonder. Yikes, does she rock!

The buzz of Artfest this year centered around a brand new teacher; Misty Mawn. Here she is demonstrating different steps in painting on wood panels. The amazing thing is how each of us produced wonderfully lovely paintings, even artists who did not consider themselves painters or draftsmen. At Show and Tell, that comes at the end of the 3 day retreat, it was obvious that Misty had the ability to enable us to produce astonishing paintings. It filled us with such a feeling of confidence!

The woman of the hour. Thank you, Misty, for sharing your amazing talents with all of us. You are a great teacher. (Misty is teaching at Art & Soul in Portland this October too.)

A photo of Misty's fortunate students. This is at the end of the day. Don't we all look happy and successful? That's how we felt.

The uber-talented Holly Stinnett making some masterpieces in Misty's class.

That evening we strolled down to the beach where Tracy, Teesha and the crew had built a bonfire and where there is a rustic wood cabin where we sat at picnic tables and shared our journals. We wrote, doodled and visited around the toasty wood stove and there was a long bar of libations and snacks for us to enjoy. (beer, wine, s'mores, hot dogs, chips and crackers and more) This was my third year at Artfest but the first time I'd participated in this party and I will never miss it again. I love to share my journals and to admire the journals of others; in the following days I plan to share some of the journal pages I photographed that night. Oh, to die for! So much creativity in one place. (over 500 of us!)

My table at the journaling event.

Diane Trout, diligently doodling away. Susan Cohen to my right. Two wonderful artists.

My third day was encaustic with Patricia Seggenbruch. Above is one of her beautiful pieces. She had 4 wax stations set up for us to play with. She showed us how to transfer images to the wax, to add color, inclusions, to inscribe and much more. I've been doing encaustic for awhile now but she had some new tricks for me. Mmmmmm, love the beeswax that smells like honey as you work.

Color. Everywhere.
I'm sure Heather won't mind if I show you her mermaid tatoo. It is on her hip in case you were wondering (not her butt, ha ha) ... I had not met Heather in person until I came here but she is a great person, artist and now friend and I look forward to buying everything from her that I can. She has a great zine at her site that everyone should subscribe to and she generously gave us each a copy of "Eye Candy", a special publication that she produced just for Artfest. What a wonderful talent.

At vendor night Teesha's mother gave me a gift that has inspired my new mission statement. It is so good and so transformative that I will share it with all of you. She said, "the greatest blessing you can give (to yourself) is to bless another life". That is how Tracy and Teesha (the spirits behind Artfest) live their lives and that is what makes Artfest the miracle it is.

If you were there, I don't have to tell you. If you've ever thought of going, make the effort. I hope to be clanking down the sidewalk with my walker when I'm 100 years old, still coming each year for the love and inspiration.


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy, thnaks for capturing some great moments, I knew you would! My head is still swirling from trying to keep up.
hope to see ya soon!
Steph b.

liz elayne said...

oh goodness you have captured it. though my head is filled with editing business math and criminology chapters today, my heart is full of joy after artfest. such the experience. connecting with you and listening to your wise, kind words will forever be a favorite memory. thank you.

kelly rae said...

i am still spinning from all of it.

you leave me wanting more.

Lisa Kaus said...

Hi Judy,
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful trip with the world. Next Spring I most certainly want to be involved in all the fun!
talk soon

Heather said...

Oh Ms Judy, it was truly a treat to meet your face at ArtFest. My favorite part of the week was meeting the faces of some of my favorite online people, including you. I can't wait until we meet again my new friend. xoxo

chest of drawers said...

Thankyou for letting us in on your experiences...I am reading with envy and hoping that I can be a part of Artfest too one day. I love your paintings by the way. The lovely Alexandra from Portland sent me a lovely print of yours, of a woman collecting eggs - I look at it every day on the wall in my kitchen.

Abby Creek Art said...

Thanks Judy...that was a really inspiring post. Sounds like such a wonderful time!

Holly Stinnett said...

Hi Judy! It was such a pleasure meeting you in person. Reading about your experience at ArtFest was great and I completely agree that it was the most special event. I loved every minute of it!

Tracie Lyn Huskamp said...

my dearest judy.... what a wonderful day spent in trish's class. i enjoyed your company beyond measure.

the beautiful piece of art that i purchased from you at vendor night has found a place of honor on my desk. i look at it often and think of our walk, arm in arm, back to class after lunch when you shared teesha's mom's quote with me.

this experience... like every artfest was unique, wonderful, and magical. thank you dear friend for making it special. i hope you see you again at art and soul.


One Crabapple said...

Wow how great to revisit ARTFEST thru your pictures and stories here...I am sorry I missed you!

( I did not KNOW that Heather had a tatoo ... ! )

Still floaty here.
Love, S.

Izabella said...

LOVE the pics!! sounds like you had a wonderful time at Artfest!!


Dotee said...

I am in happy tears after reading this post Judy. Popped over to see you after visiting my friend Holly's blog(and I agree with you she is amazingly talented and such a beautiful person).

It sounds like Artfest is a coming together of artistic souls and a beautiful place to be.

Could feel the excitement build inside of me when I read your words and saw the photo's. What an amazing,amazing experience.

One day this Aussie girl is going to fly over to the US and Artfest is definitely going to be part of my trip.

How absolutely wonderful!!!

Dot (from Australia)

violette said...

Hi Judy.....thank you so much for sharing everything about your experience at artfest. I feel like i was there! Now if you go to Holly's blog you will see a pic of you with your art but also to the right of you you'll find two orbs? Do you think you had spirit helpers at the event? Very cool!

Love violette

misty said...

thank you, thank you, thank you...your words and pictures gave me chills.
...and so the count down begins, artfest 2008... xoxo

Anonymous said...