Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My Botts

Here is a photo of a large etching by Bruce Botts that hangs in my office. It was printed by hand off of two separate plates laid side by side on the bed of the press. I think it is marvelous and I love Bruce's unique style. His method is interesting too. He draws all his lines by arranging salt into the resist and then washing it away before placing the plate in the acid. So instead of a thin skritchy line he gets a wide line with lots of dots and false bite that takes my breath away. He is the etcher's etcher.

Since it was impossible to get a good shot of mine, I filched a couple off his website for you.

I love the way he draws his animals. Check out the haunches on that zebra!

And I offer this one too; so that you can see my etching without the reflections. These prints are very large; my guesstimate is 54" wide.
If you love etchings (and you should!) be sure to treat yourself to Bruce's site.

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