Monday, July 27, 2015

July Garden

Despite our drought, John's garden looks as beautiful as ever.

People keep asking if he's cutting back; making it smaller.
Well, the answer is no. It gets bigger each year if anything.

He's cut off the sugar peas that have stopped producing to save seed.
Meanwhile, there's a bean crop sprouting below that will utilize the trellis.

He plants flowers among the veggies, like the English.

And grows lots of peppers, like these jalapenos.

We got our first tomatoes in June. Stupice; short growing season and dependable.

Mystery perennial that came in with a load of chips. Some type of Rudbeckia.

And then there is this mystery flower with huge leaves like platters.
Both John and I have forgotten what it is.

Black Cayenne Peppers. A gorgeous plant.

Stupice again. Early and delicious.

Here are some of the other tomatoes. Lots of future salsa.

And look how tall the blueberry bushes have grown. 
We finally have all we can handle.

Canna lilies. I used to love to paint these in watercolor.
Maybe again some day.

More cayenne peppers.

And big, fat blackberries.

Corn. First crop.

While the second crop gets going in its little waffles that hold water in our drought.
This system we borrowed from Arizona and it works wonderfully.

Apples coming on for a fall ripening.

And the cucumber tower. Makes harvesting so much easier and the cucumbers dont get dirty.

Two varieties of plums on the same tree.

And this shot just for the diversity of the garden. 
I love how it attracts birds and beneficial insects.

We have figs galore. I made my popular Fig Newtons once already this summer.

John calls this his garden gnome.
It guards his mulberry tree.

Mulberries. Yum!

Blue hydrangeas. I love.

Yes, another jalapeno!

Watermelon. Coming right along.

Pineapple Lily.

Along the pretty walkway.

July sunshine. Sunflower-style.

Green beans. So good with potatoes and bacon.

Frost peaches. This one looks ready.

Flowers on the deck to cheer us as we sip our gin tonics. 
Sweet summer.

Lavender Dahlia.

Thank you dear Farmer John for the years of sweet beauty that you have rained down on our lives.

And thank you dear friends for wading through the longest garden post I think I've ever put up.
If I could I'd invite you to sit on the deck and share something cool and refreshing with us.

Carry on.


Lynn Cohen said...

Oh how I'd love to walk this garden in person. We are in Portland. No plans for Friday ... . .?
Hugs, Lynn

Caterina Giglio said...

I wondered how you were managing the garden in the drought... Very well I see.. And so happy for you! I am still learning about seasons and seeds here in Florida.. Sigh.. Gorgeous photos, stunning garden! X

Maggie Silk said...

Marvelous garden--delicious food and flowers to nourish the body and soul. John is a master gardener.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a lovely garden! It looks like you have lots of room for spreading out and enjoying.

Michele Unger said...

I love to see John's gorgeous garden! And I love to think of the two of you on the deck, enjoying the bounty the garden brings. I hope you are having a delightful summer. Counting the time until we meet up in San Miguel.

Kim Mailhot said...

It almost feels like I did have a wander through that beautiful space! Oh, to have a sippa on the deck with you! I'll have an imaginary one! Cheers, beautiful life lover!

Ruth Armitage said...

What a glorious garden! Thanks for sharing it with us... I enjoy all your posts so much :) Your second mystery flower with the platter-like leaves is I think a Ligularia?

purple bird art said...

What an amazing garden! Thanks for taking us for a little walk through paradise!

Kathy said...

Your garden is just amazing, as always! I'm jelly over those fresh figs.

Laurie Hunt said...

Dear Judy! So good to see you again! Loved walking your garden! On your Oregon coast now. Heading back home Friday. Hugs!

Bridgette Mills said...

Have always loved Farmer John garden posts! May have to steal the idea of doing the cucumber tower.

Clare Wassermann said...

Absolutely inspirational!