Saturday, August 16, 2014

August Journal, Garden and Paintings

Hello from sunny Oregon. August is wrapped around us and we are loving the weather, the garden, having time to play in paint and to sit on the porch in the quiet evenings listening to the crickets. August is sweet.

John and I seem to be having a contest to see who can spend the most time with the doctors and dentists this month. He's winning but I have my maladies as well.

Lots of opportunities to make off with x-rays for drama in the journal.

Yeah. You don't want to know.

When the going gets gnarly it's friends who make all the difference. Friends and family. 

And the journal. Lots of acceptance of what is and making peace with life happens right there for me.

Consolation for me is my painting and writing. For John it is his garden.

This week a friend wrote to me about how her garden was massacred by bugs. Here are a few tips from the farmer.

We have a lot of cabbage moths here so John made a little conestoga wagon out of row cover for his little kale sprouts. The cabbage moths are incredibly smart at finding the defenceless seedlings.

This is an isolation box for bok choy. Same deal with the cabbage moths. They're one of our biggest pests.

This screened in box has chilis de aguas in it and the screen is to prevent cross pollination. Sort of a chastity belt for plants.

And in the fall the rain that comes causes blossom end rot so the tomatoes live under a plastic house that can be shut tight until after the deluge.

More protection. This above is our blueberries under their bird netting. If you look closely you can see the hoses that feed the misters. Those misters keep the plants from getting sunburned and have protected the blueberries from the same sunburn which causes all the fruit to fall. 

Couldn't resist showing some of the bean crop.



Tomatoes. We have a zillion varieties. Maybe I'll do a special post on those.


Ha ha. Woodpile. How did that get in here?

An overview.

Here's one crop that I get excited about.

Now a couple of paintings.

Hearts Entwined. For all my friends, near and far. Enjoy August. xo


Ro Bruhn said...

Dear Judy I hope you and John are both OK, nothing too serious. Your garden is looking wonderful as ever. Your journal pages and paintings are an inspiration. Take care. xo

Michele R. Unger said...

Seeing your beautiful photos and pouring over your journal pages and paintings is ALMOST as good as a real face-to-face. Counting the days until Oaxaca. Until then you will have to settle for a virtual bear hug along with my wishes for improved health immediately for both you and John!

GailNHB said...

So beautiful. Your garden and wood pile and journal pages and all the great food that you will enjoy for weeks and months to come. You must have a couple of acres for all of that bounty. Wonderful. Truly a miracle happening in your presence every day and every year. Good for you.

I hope your visits to the doctors and dentists come to an end soon. That is no fun at all.

Don Barnes said...

Judy, you are amazing! Your journals are crazy good, and I really, really like your new art in this post! Very impressive!

What's all that green stuff with food on it? My Safeway doesn't look like that. Don't forget to spray a little 'Monsanto' on it, you know we must adapt to our changing environment or perish...natural selection and all. Missing you already!!

Gigi said...

Aaah, Judy, I've been waiting for this post. Love to see your art and the magnificent gardens/vegetables that John does. Both of you are always an inspiration to met.

Gigi said...

aaargh.. Inspiration to me.

Joanne S said...

Tell John that I always look forward to the garden posts. I now have a rack for hanging my garlic and onions thanks to his garden. We also have hoops over the cabbages, kale and Brussels sprouts to defy those moths.

I just wish my tomatoes were as red as John's. But this is Maine and I will just have to wait.

Unknown said...

Judy, I am very inspired by your journal pages. Thanks so much for sharing with me. I too am going through
h a transition, and feeling a bit funky. I think a journal with art in it is going to be just the thing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tara's Art Camp said...

Lovely post. So much richness in doing what we love to do dispite the life that goes on. Hugs!

huntla1 said...

Hi Judy! Totally miss you! Journal pages are fab as always. Wishing you and John the best with your health issues. No fun. I must say that your new haircut even looks hot on X-ray! Huge hug!

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

Finding solace in paint and the earth- good medicine. Thinking of you too.

Bridgette Guerzon Mills said...

I meant "you two" :)

FarStarr said...

Fantastic post! I'm still giggling about the chastity belt for the peppers. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!

bumblebee said...

love you, your garden is Amazining! love, love, love journal page… an inspiration to the artist in all of us.

Anonymous said...

Judy: journal genius; John: garden genius. Wow!
Hugs, Jane S.

Carol said...

AS we get older we seem to spend more and more time in medical offices of one kind or another :-(
Love all of the garden shots have my dream garden for sure ♥
The art is amazing as always, thanks for sharing ...

Christa said...

Could you please have a post explaining how the garden structures are put together?
I would love to know what all the parts are called so I can build some for my large garden in NC.
Thank you!

Carol said...

Yeah. No fun spending time with doctors but thank God we have them right? And thank God you both have beautiful forms of therapy! Your paintings are breathtakingly beautiful!

Kim Mailhot said...

Sorry to hear that physical maladies are stealing your time away from more pleasant and juicy life living things. Looks like you both have found ways to focus on what is good. Your art, as always, delights me completely! And that garden! Your man is a miracle grower.
Sending light and love and healing juju your way, Beautiful Judy Blue Eyes.

Ruth Armitage said...

What a beautiful and bountiful post. I love your acceptance of maladies as the price we pay for long life. Your paintings and journals have me drooling and the garden is smashing!