Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spreading the Word

Here's an online class that's going to be amazing. I'm not teaching in this one but my amiga Katie Kendrick is and I want you to go here to her site to sign up for it.

It starts on January 9th, just in time to get busy indoors and goes for 9 weeks!! There is all the information spelled out at the link and the insructors include Stephanie Lee, Katie Kendrick (of course), Kate Thompson, Christy Tomlinson, Junelle Jacobsen, Danielle Donaldson, Teresa Sheeley, Jenny Wentworth and Jeanne Oliver. See what I mean? Over 60 discussion and technique videos and weekly live chats on the site. 

Earlybird registration is open and the cost is $48 if you sign up now.

 It's going to a lot of fun. And would make a great Christmas gift for yourself or a friend. Just sign up at Katie's site. And I'll see you there. xo

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Michele R. Unger said...

Okay, Judy, you sold me. You twisted my arm (NO, STOP....Uncle! Uncle!).....okay, it was a real easy sell. What fun that will be, even if I have to start the class while I'm in India. I'll read and watch videos in the dark on my iPad! It'll be my little arty secret while I travel.

Counting the days until we are together. EIGHT. Only 8! It will be bliss to hug the stuffin' outta you again. I am so eager to see your smiling face.