Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rocky Re-entry

I wish I could come home from travel and stick the landing like I was able to do a couple of decades ago. This re entry was particularly brutal; I'm still trying to convince myself that I'm here and not there. I'm not getting much done.

My great consolation as I've said before is painting. Good, bad, indifferent, putting paint to paper always comforts and lifts me. I crave the color and the form.

These daily meditation paintings are particularly so. Done in my journal, they are intimate and friendly. 

As Henry Miller said, "Paint what you like and die happy".

This is my therapy. Different paintings for different moods. Some are just to play. Some are more ambitious. Some get painted over when I get finished with looking at them for a few days.

And then I move on.

Einstein said that creativity is intelligence having fun.

That's what's going on here. Just hanging by a thread of paint. 



Gwen said...

I love your paintings,these are just wonderful!!

rebecca said...

my hands are covered and they just might stick to the keys, so wet is the paint...but as i was just
there with you and a thousand different reasons to sing out loud
in the gathering light,
i felt you and had to come.
hanging right beside you in the awe of
and awakening.

Lynn Cohen said...

I doubt it's on purpose, but there are four Hebrew letters in that first painting!
Am sure you will right your landing gear in good time ... But in the meantime enjoy being in two places at once!
Why not?

Kathy said...

Bravo to you that you can fall back on the creativity! When I am worn out I hate everything I try to make and have learned that I just have to wait. You have clearly nailed that part.

Karen Cole said...

So much energy and life in those paintings Judy. HAnds and brain battling it out for setting the location button.

Sharon Tomlinson said...

It's all good my friend Judy. The second from the bottom stopped me still. I was amazed at how the three ovals near the bottom left looked liked they were at an angle to me (perspective) and the oval shape at the top right seems flat toward me. This is a good study at how the little strokes make that happen. But the thing that amazed me is that you obviously made all these marks with simple pleasure and much haste. xo

Ruth Armitage said...

We have a beautiful sunny frost this morning -- makes me itch to get to the paint, and so does this post. I love your paintings and the Einstein quote :) And the comment, "Enjoy being in two places at once" is right on!

Your 'not getting much done' looks great to me!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

I know what you mean, Judy. Lucky for you, it won't be long before you get to head south again. For those us stuck in the soon to be frozen north for the forseeable future, it's even harder to get and stay motivated on these cold and grey days. Like you, I think I need to be getting some paint on my hands! Love these abstracts you have created!

wanda miller said...

oh HOW i know this feeling on return to the home front. it's so doggone good though, me thinks judy, because we somehow start parts of us anew! kinda like when creating falls off. these paintings are wonderfully LIGHT at the end of the tunnel! and i don't know how i missed the post before this one, but i could absolutely drink it! xo

cindy woods said...

I sure love how you 'hang'! xoxo

paulallah said...

Your Musings
Remind Me

to simply breath again.

Thank you
for the gift
of YOU

and the reminder
to simply CreATE!

I love you droooly, Paula

Amanda said...

No matter what life chucks at you, art is always a wonderful therapy. I'm not sure whether these paintings are posted in any sort of order, but the final one certainly lands in a smoother, calmer place to my eye.

Anonymous said...

Always love to see your paintings. I may even be inspired to try my own hand at the abstract form.