Saturday, May 04, 2013

Perspective and the Garden

I'm still sketching perspective studies. Sat waiting in front of my daughter's house on Wednesday 
and caught this one-looking up at a boxy shape.

Sketched this one quickly while waiting for my headlight to be replaced.

And now on to the garden. Eating flowers, kale, spinach, etc.

The plant above is broad leafed kale. Very nice in our climate.

The tomato plants from seed. Getting big.

Ditto with the pepper plants.

The rhodies are out at least 2 weeks early this year. It's our weird, dry, warm weather. Sunny. We 
don't know how to adjust to that.

So everything's popping at once. Roses, rhodies...

Ever so fragrant lily of the valley.

More colors of rhodies ...

artichokes forming (look in the center for the little guy)

Mountain Bluett

The garlic is very happy this year.

After hiding for 2 years the deciduous azalea decided to bloom.
She is a welcome, fragrant variety.

Rainbow chard that winters over. Lots of green stuff just keeps
going year round.

We have a lot of rhodies.

This is our compost set up beside a baby fig tree. The circle at the bottom will have 
strawberries behind the rabbit fence.

Golden showers rose.

White rhody.

There's so much more but I'm busy packing and getting John set up for time without me here. 
This will be my last post before leaving on Monday for Australia. I'll maybe post from there 
but probably not. I'll be 100% there while I'm there.
See you on my return. xo


say**yes said...

Judy, your garden is absolutely beautiful (and tasty!) as usual! I always love your photo tours of it. Wishing you safe and delightful travels, Love, Patsy

Lynn Cohen said...

Love those urban sketches! Nicely executed!

Garden from heaven, so rich in color, size and nutrients.

Wishing you an amazing Australian adventure!

Can't wait to see THOSE photos!


sperlygirl said...

what an incredible garden...the colors, the crops. beautiful! bliss

Jill said...

Have a wonderful trip.

MB Shaw said...

Oh wow, I hadn't even seen this post on your perspective studies when I mentioned it. How funny ;)
And your garden, swoon!!!! We have all your rain here, it is miserable and cold to boot.
Have a great trip, can't wait to hear about it.

dorylyn said...


Jacky said...

Judy your garden is absolutely beautiful....and your vegie garden!!!! I'm not much of a gardener (wish I was), but do really admire beautiful and productive gardens.
Love your sketches.

See you soon,

Jacky xox

lori said...

love your sketches...and your garden! i'm in lake Oswego...and lovin the weather too!

Ruth Armitage said...

Bon Voyage! Hope to see you when you return :)

Sue M said...

Superb garden - superb photos Judy - it obviously gives you much pleasere.

Anonymous said...

Loving your sketches and pages, again. Have a fabulous time in Aussie!!!

Parabolic Muse said...

Mountain Bluett?!
Are you trying to upset me?

These images make me want to say stuff, but no words will come out until I've recovered and then it's all snotty stuff.

Get OUT about those sketches!! a person must have those on her wall to look at! I'm printing and signing my name.

I think a good idea for a journal would be only sketches while having headlights replaced.


p.s. But a person has to have something pointy in the car so as to bust out the headlights when needed.

Maybe it's too high-maintenance.